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Using Public Transportation

  • Seoul is one of the largest metropolises in the world with a population of over ten million people.

    It is also one of the most densely populated cities in the world, and has an area of 605 square kilometers.

    Due to the dense population, traffic congestion is a serious problem in Seoul.

    However, a systematic, advanced public transportation system provides conv-enience and helps alleviate this congestion.

    Various bus routes are available across the city.

    At first, the bus routes can seem daunting, but with a little experience and understanding of the system, you may find that they are a very convenient means of transportation.

    Bus routes cover all corners of the city, but the most efficient method of getting around town is by Seoul Metro.

    Not only it is cheap, but the average travel time between stations is around 2 to 3 minutes.

    This is unimaginable for commuters traveling by car or bus during the hectic rush hours.

    Trains to regional cities have become a lot more convenient with the expansion of KTX since 2010.

    In addition to KTX, two major domestic airlines, as well as several other smaller airlines, provide flights to numerous regional cities on a daily basis.

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Transportation Information In Real Time

  • Seoul TOPIS

Seoul TOPIS provides users with bus route maps, real-time bus departure and arrival information, and a 'fastest route' search service based on real-time information on traffic conditions for each section of road, as well as comparing opti-mum routes and diverse transport methods including car, bus, and subway.


  • City Highway Traffic Control Center

The Seoul City Highway Traffic Control Center provides citizens the real-time traffic information via VMS, Internet and Fax with the aim of smoothing inconveniences and  easing traffic congestion on major highways including Naebusunh-wan-ro (inner circular highway), Gangbyeonbuk-ro, Olympic-daero, Bukbuganseon-doro, Bukbuganseoun-doro, Dongbuganseon-doro, and the Gyeongbu Expressway with the data collected and analyzed using a high-tech video meter and CCTV installed on these roads.In addition, the center provides real-time traffic information, video data, the 'fastest route' search service, travel time information, and traffic statistics and data.


Medical Services for Foreigners

  • International SOS Korea Ltd.

International SOS Korea Ltd. provides medical assistance services and evacuation and repatriation services for expatriates in Korea.

Its trained doctors offer medical advice over the phone 24 hours and the service is available in the following languages: English, Japanese and French.

However, the service is available only to members.

Tel: 02-3140-1940 (24 hours)


  • 119

For emergency situations, call 119.

When you call this number, your location is automatically identified.

The 119 rescue team will react quickly to meet the caller's needs, offering professional medical assistance such as sending an ambulance and taking patients to the nearest hospital.

The 119 ambulance is free of charge.

When a foreigner calls 119, the staff in the situation room transfers the call to a translator of the Korea National Tourism Organization (KNTO).


Through three way call with a translator and a staff member in the situation room, a foreign caller can effectively communicate his/ her needs and obtain assistance.

When using a mobile phone, press 119 without an area code. When using 119 from a public phone, press the red color emergency call button, and press 119. The caller`s loca-tion is also automatically identified when calling from a public phone.

You can visit the following website: [K] and report emergencies online 24 hours a day by completing an application form in either Korean or English.

Reporting emergencies is also possible through mobile text messaging at 119 and fax at 1544-9119.

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Medical institution information in Gangdong-gu


Medical institution information in Gangdong-gu
Medical institution Address Tel(emergency room) Medical Departments
Kangdong Sacred Heart Hosipital Gil-dong 445 and 3 lots 150, Seongan-ro +82-2-2224-2358

Korea Veterans Health Service Medical Center Dunchon 2-dong 6-2 53, Jinhwangdo-ro 61-gil +82-2-2225-1114

Kyung Hee Univ. Hospital at Gangdong Sangil-dong 149 892, Dongnam-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul +82-2-440-7114

Kangdong Miz Hospital Cheonho 3-dong 452-1 1043, Cheonho-daero +82-2-470-9114

Obsterics, pediatrics, anesthetics, radiology, surgery department, internal medicine department

Yang Hospital Gil-dong Gil-dong 424, 421 (2F) 1159, Cheonho-daero, 2nd Fl., 128, Jinhwangdo-ro +82-2-480-8000

Internal medicine department, surgery department, diagnostic radiology, anesthetics, family medicine, dental department

Bom Dam Hospital Myeongil 1-dong 335-3 1596, Yangjae-daero +82-1833-5777

Rehabilitation department, neurology department, internal medicine department, neurosurgery, orthopedics, oriental medicine internal medicine department

Inega Oriental Medicine Hospital Seongnae 1-dong 551-3 (1~2F, 5~7F) 15, Seongnae-ro 6-gil +82-2-477-9661

Spinal Special Center Seongnae 2-dong 62-4 3~4F 1012, Cheonho-daero +82-2-472-0114

Neurosurgery, internal medicine department, orthopedics, radiology, anesthetics

Joeun Madi Hospital Seongnae 2-dong 199-5(1F, 4~6F, 1~3BF) 19, Cheonho-daero 170-gil +82-2-487-1121

Orthopedics, internal medicine department, radiology, neurosurgery, anesthetics

Kangdong Yonsei Hospital Cheonho 2-dong 315-2 734, Olympic-ro +82-1899-0102

Orthopedics, family medicine

Kong Eye Center Seongnae 2-dong 139 45, Pungseong-ro 37-gil (Seongnae-dong) +82-2-480-5000

Ophtalmology, internal medicine department

Nam Ki Se Spine & Joint Hospital Gil-dong 459-1 1133, Cheonho-daero (Gil-dong) +82-1577-2533

Orthopedics, neurosurgery, anesthetics, radiology, family medicine

Hospital Run Gil-dong 318 (1~3F) 1165, Cheonho-daero +82-1600-7511

Orthopedics, neurosurgery, internal medicine department, radiology, anesthetics

Leaders Hospital Seongnae 2-dong 13-9 (1~2F, 4~5F) Part of 1 ~ 2nd Fl., 4, 5th Fl., 1044, Cheonho-daero, (Seongnae-dong) +82-2-333-3080

Orthopedics, internal medicine department, radiology, plastic surgery department

Sarang Plus Hospital Myeongil 1-dong 345-8 Yangjae-daero 1580 +82-1661-9991

Orthopedics, rehabilitation department, internal medicine department, radiology, neurosurgery, surgery department, neurology department, laboratory medicine, urology, pediatrics, dermatology, family medicine, anesthetics

Allbarun Seoul Hospital Cheonho 3-dong 51-3 Yangjae-daero 1525 (Cheonho-dong) 1588-7740

Orthopedics, pediatrics, family medicine, anesthetics, radiology, internal medicine department, neurosurgery, laboratory medicine

I Am Dental Hospital Cheonho 2-dong 425-5 (4F) 664, Olympic-ro +82-1599-2899

Dental department

Yonsei Mirae N Miso Dental Hospital Sangil-dong 373-1 202, 203, 36, Sangil-ro 10-gil (Sangil-dong, Sejong Telecom) +82-2-441-2275

Dental department

Kyung Hee University Dental Hospital Sangil-dong 149 892, Dongnam-ro +82-2-958-8114

Oral and maxillofacial surgery department, prosthodontics, orthodontics, pediatric dental department, periodontics, operative restoration department

Chamjalham Medicine Hospital Cheonho3-dong 51-7 (2~5F) 2~5th Fl., 1517, Yangjae-daero (Cheonho-dong) +82-1577-2575

Oriental medicine separate departments, rehabilitation department, radiology

Gangdong Oriental Hospital Gil-dong 320-4 (except 6F) 1556, Yangjae-daero +82-2-455-4500

The Cell Chaewon Hospital Seongnae 1-dong 548-5 (2~5F) 66, Seongnae-ro (Seongnae-dong) +82-2-2635-9933

Internal medicine department, dermatology, neurosurgery, rehabilitation department, oriental medicine internal medicine department

Kyung Hee University Korean Medicine Hospital Sangil-dong 149 892, Dongnam-ro +82-1577-5800

Gangdong Sungmo Geriatric Hospital cheonho2-dong 362-3 31, Olympic-ro 80-gil +82-2-488-0020

Dongbu Central Care Hospital Amsa 1-dong 501-9 and 1 lot 8, Olympic-ro 98-gil +82-2-441-0011

Internal medicine department, rehabilitation department, orthopedics, pediatrics, otolaryngology, dermatology, family medicine, oriental medicine separate departments (8 in total)

Yonsei Yeongdong Care Hospital Cheonho 2-dong 421-4(2~6F) 202, Gucheonmyeon-ro +82-2-487-5211

Seoul Forest Hospital Godeok2-dong 297-1 295-60, Godeok-ro +82-2-473-5575

Internal medicine department, neurology department, dermatology, pediatrics, acupuncture and moxibustion department, rehabilitation department

Veterans Care Hospital Dunchon 2-dong 6-2 53, Jinhwangdo-ro 61-gil +82-2-2225-1123

Internal medicine department, neurology department, surgery department, orthopedics, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery, rehabilitation department, family medicine