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A Female-Friendly City is

  • A female-friendly city is an administrative unit where women policies are conducted making sure that men and women equally participate in the course of development and establishment of local policies; that the benefits of it are equally enjoyed by every member of the community; and that the development and the safety of women are fulfilled.

    It is a new model of local women policy driven by basic local government authority which is a daily living unit.

    A female-friendly city plays a role in improving the overall life quality by facilitating the women polices that have been proceeding, and by conducting comprehensive urban space policies.

Practicing the vision, “Equal City, Gangdong : Join Together and Grow Together.”

  • Following the vision, a female-friendly city needs to be redefined from the perspectives of the women who support daily lives for the development of their local communities.

    It also needs to establish a system that guarantees active participation of women in the process of design, execution, and evaluation of local policies, and to provide various groups as well as families in the local community with systematic and comprehensive supports to help them restore vitality..

Core values for a Female-Friendly City : Equality, Caring, Eco-Friendly, and Communication

  • First, equality means the value where a city is fair and equal in the provision of the opportunity to participate in the local community; in distribution of and access to resources and services; and in stability and convenience in daily life.

    It is expected that an equal and fair city can contribute to fulfilling the development of women and gender equality by reflecting everyday requests made by women and social aspects.

  • Secondly, caring is a value for fostering a culture of mutual cooperation, support and nurturing in local communities.

    In addition, it facilitates a work-life balanced environment where men and women share the burden of caring away from the traditional gender roles, and society also shares the burden for individuals in an active way.

  • Thirdly, an eco-friendly city creates an environment that promotes mental and physical health in line with the philosophy of symbiosis between humans and Mother Nature.

    It also means a city seeking local development in which life can be ecological and sustainable.

  • Fourthly, communication means a democratic, open city operation system which is equipped with community spaces and various software that facilitate closer relationships among members of the community as a source of happiness.

By pushing forward towards being a Female-Friendly City…

  • We aim to mold Gangdong into a better place where citizens are happy and enjoy prosperity by creating an environment where men and women equally participate in local development, and where women and families can enjoy decent lives.

  • We aim to enhance Gangdong's brand value by creating and promoting images of a warm, happy, and beautiful city where people always come first.

  • We aim to integrate separated local development policies created by different local autonomous bodies into a single concept of becoming a female-friendly city by conducting various local policies, including those that support a high-quality living city, prosperous and self-sufficient city, and sustainable ecological city policies that lead to becoming a female-friendly city.