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  • Like human life, a city experiences a developmental and declining phase as time passes.

    Amsa-dong, which developed from the late 1960s to the early 1970s, fell into a period of decline from the beginning of 1980s.

    In an attempt to revitalize the area that was losing vitality, Gangdong-gu promoted a new town, redevelopment, reconstruction, and many other projects mainly focusing on apartment areas, following the suit of other cities, yet those efforts resulted in more inner conflict and feuding among residents due to differing interest among residents toward the projects.

    The local community had therefore become severely devastated. As a solution to this conundrum, Gangdong-gu applied for the “Seoul Urban City Restoration Pilot Project” for Amsa 1-dong and was selected as a pilot district in Dec.

    2014. Based on this project, Gangdong-gu is promoting the 4-year-long urban city restoration projects since 2015 with a budget of up to 10 billion won, aiming to empower residents, to invigorate local economy on the basis of cultural and natural resources, and to vitalize the region with a minimum level of physical environment improvement based on lively communication with local residents.

  • About Amsa 1-dong Urban Restoration and Revitalization Project
  • Location and Area: Amsa 1-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul / 635,000㎡
  • Purpose: Creating a village on our own where history and culture can harmoniously coexist. → Through invigorating the resident community, forming a place of history, agriculture, culture, and self-sufficiency


Urban Regeneration Business location Amsa 1-dong