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Badge of Gangdong

It is the basic shape of the symbol of Gangdong-gu
Embodied “Sunrise in Gandgong”, “Clear Gangdong”, and “Green Gangdong”
Badge of Gangdong
Badge of Gangdong red part

Taking the shape of a dugout hut from 6,000 years ago, the red-colored symbol embodies a proactive and lively image of Gangdong with the rising sun; six ‘' shapes mean 6,000 years of its history.

Badge of Gangdong blue part

The image of Hangang River where Bukhangang and Namhangang are converged together, presenting Gangdong as the first region welcoming the two big streams merged into one as if a vigorous spirit has taken a flying jump.

Badge of Gangdong green part

Located along the riverside of Hangang River, Gangdong-gu has been a dwelling site for our ancestors since the prehistoric age. This symbol represents “Green Gangdong” where not only living harmoniously with nature but also tradition and modernity coexist.

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Symbol of Gangdong-gu

District flower Apricot blossom

District flower Apricot blossom

Symbolizing the robust spirit of Gangdong-gu sprouting buds in the midst of a harsh and severe winter

District bird Sky lark

District bird Sky lark

With an early bird, the image of Gangdong with the rising Sun is embodied.

District flower Apricot blossom

District tree Cone pine

Cone Pine is a wild and evergreen tree, symbolizing the city, Gangdong, where people live harmoniously with its nature

District characters Gangdongmi Gangdonggi

District characters

Gangdongi and Gangdongmi are the characters of prehistoric man from 6,000 years ago, symbolizing the beautiful natural environment and warm-hearted residents of Gangdong

Wom’s Friends

Wom’s Friends

‘Wom’s’ is a word which derived from a prehistoric dugout hut. Wom’s Friends refers to Womi, a child born in dugout hut, and his friends comb-pattern pottery Bitto, prehistoric boar Kogi and an acorn Tori which lives inside Bitto.