Gangdong General Industrial Complex
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  • Gangdong General Industrial Complex
  • The Engineering Complex Project is a government-funded project in order to become an engineering powerhouse and to realize balanced regional development by establishing comprehensive and structural infrastructure for the knowledge-intensive engineering industry.

    As of now, it is expected that approximately 200 SMEs and relevant associations, organizations, an engineering technology center and R&D center will be nestled in the complex..

    This complex is expected to generate great synergy with the neighboring Advanced Business Complex where industry-leading companies such as Samsung Engineering and Korea Engineering Consultants Corp., are located, through the integration effect of the engineering industry.

  • About Engineering Complex
  • Location and Area: 404, Sangil-dong / 78,144㎡
  • Project period: 2019 – 2023
  • Attracted industries: Architectural technology, engineering, and other scientific surgery services, software development and supply, computer programming, system integration and management, information service, research and development, and other specialized science and technology services
  • Implementer: Seoul SH Corporation
  • Facilities: SMEs (about 200), reengineering associations and organizations, engineering plant technology center, R&D center, overseas market entry center, joint usage facilities, etc.