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Amsa General Market photo 1
Amsa General Market photo 1
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Amsa General Market photo 2
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Amsa General Market photo 1
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  • Bandalgil (stretching from Gangdong St.Mary's Hospital to Gucheonmyeongil) is a two-lane road that is 10m–wide and 890m-long.

    This road was used by peddlers during the Chosun Dynasty when they left Gucheon-myeon, Gwangju-gun and crossed the Hangang River by boat from Gwangnaru to obtain six licensed stores located in Jongno.

    At this site, Amsa General Market was formed over time and developed into a place of bartering among the peddlers who took a rest in a small inn before crossing the river, while drinking takju, traditional rice wine.

  • Since then, it has no longer become a place for peddlers, but for housewives seeking to get ingredients for dinner and office workers on their way home.

    The market is always full of visitors, especially from 4 to 5 in the afternoon, mostly because of those homemakers and office workers getting off of work.

    The road is wide enough for riding a bike or pushing a cart.

    Since there is a roofed arcade that has been installed, it is a convenient place to shop even despite bad weather.

  • Inside the market, there is ‘Masil', a shelter for customers.

    There is also a children's library and kitchen in the Masil, providing an ideal place for cooking classes, gatherings, and presentations.

  • Seoul's Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement Site is a 15-minute walk from the market, where you can experience the life of the Neolithic age.

About Amsa General Market

  • Main goods: Fruits, jokbal, hotteok, snacks, and restaurants, etc.
  • Size: 283m in length, 120 stores
  • Merchants Association: 02-442-1040


  • Location: 25, Sangam-ro 11-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
  • Transportation
    • Subway: 3 minutes from Exit No. 1 of Amsa Station, Line No. 8

    • Bus: Gangdong 02


  • Name: Amsa Complex Market
  • Established: Jan. 30, 1978
  • Registered: Apr. 10, 2008
  • Location: Sangam-ro 11-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
  • Area: 17,394 m2