Advanced Business Complex
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  • Advanced Business Complex
  • The Advanced Business Complex project is the first core strategic project of Gangdong-gu with an aim to become an economic hub in the eastern metropolitan area by attracting core high-tech industries having great growth potential and higher value-addedbusinesses.

    As of now, Samsung Engineering and 8 other companies have moved in and approximately 10,000 people are working in the complex.

    The Advanced Business Complex is revitalizing the city that has long been a residential town, with new jobs being created and vibrant economic activities.

  • About Advanced Business Complex
  • Location: Gangil 2 district, in the housing site development district
  • Area: 48,299㎡(10 lots)
  • Overview: Strengthening the foundation for local economy by attracting high-tech industries such as IT and BT, and other knowledge-based business.
  • Project period: 2005 to 2015
  • Expected ripple effects: Economic effect of 10.9 trillion won, 62,000 jobs created
  • Tenant businesses: 9 companies (5 engineering companies, 3 high-tech companies, and 1 bio industry)
Creating Advanced Business Complex
Samsung EngineeringCompany informationSamsung Engineering
SectorIndustrial plant construction, etc.
CompletionApril 2012
Total floor area186,023㎡
VSL Korea, DM EngineeringCompany informationVSL Korea, DM Engineering
SectorBridge structure design, civil engineering, etc.
CompletionMarch 2013
Total floor area12,748㎡
Sejong Investment, IncCompany informationSejong Investment, Inc
SectorConstruction, civil engineering, and engineering, etc.
CompletionSeptember 2013
Total floor area21,429㎡
SNICE GroupCompany informationNICE Group
SectorConstruction, civil engineering, and engineering, etc.
CompletionFebruary 2014
Total floor area39,431㎡
Korea Engineering Consultants Corp.,Company informationKorea Engineering Consultants Corp.,
SectorConstruction, civil engineering, and engineering, etc.
CompletionApril 2014
Total floor area39,431㎡
DH Plus Inc., (Heerim Architects & Planners moved in)Company informationConstruction design, inspection, etc.
SectorDH Plus Inc., (Heerim Architects & Planners moved in)
CompletionOctober 2014
Total floor area24,942㎡
CESCO Touch Center Company informationCESCO Touch Center
SectorInsect pest control service, etc.
CompletionOctober 2014
Total floor area24,241㎡