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Powerful Change For A Proud

  • I will listen to the voices of residents.
  • I will communicate honestly with residents.
  • I will pay keen attention to residents' needs.
강동구청장 이수희

Head of Gangdong-gu Office


District bird: Eurasian skylark / District tree: Korean pine

Greetings From Lee Soo-hee, Head of Gangdong-gu Office.

I will communicate with residents—anytime, anywhere—
to usher in the era of powerful change for a proud Gangdong-gu!

I bow my head and express my deepest gratitude
as head of Gangdong-gu following the 8th local elections.

I will strive to transform Gangdong-gu as a good place to live,
creating a better future for happy residents
through honest municipal administration.

With open ears and open channels,
I will listen to the voices of residents—in person and via online—
to collect various opinions and find solutions.

Gangdong-gu will undergo a brand new makeover
to be distinct not as an ancillary district of Gangnam-gu.
I will create a systematic urban plan that looks ahead into the next 10 to 20 years
to enhance Gangdong-gu residents' quality of life and residential environments.

As the newly elected head of Gangdong-gu,
I will continue to listen and improve by leading change
through action rather than words without losing my initial focus.

Thank you.

Lee Soo-hee