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Pungdae gu Beijing city China


Pungdae gu Beijing city

  • The date of establishment of ties : August, 1995
  • The place of establishment of ties : GANGDONG gu office
  • Location : Pungdae gu Beijing city China
  • Population : ten thousand
  • Area : 304.2㎢
  • Homepage :http://www.bjft.gov.cn

Main industry

Traffic gateway to Beijing, Dwelling area with new style housing area, supply base of vegetable and flowers for Beijing, Main science laboratory and industrial base of Beijing)
Phone : 8610)6381-2244∼6 FAX : 8610)6381-2115

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Hangzhou city, Zhejiang seong , China


Hangzhou city, Zhejiang seong

  • The date of establishment of ties : May, 2000
  • The place of establishment of ties : GANGDONG gu office
  • Location : Located about 180 km away from Shanghai
  • Population : 5980 thousand
  • Area : 16,000㎢
  • Homepage :http://www.hangzhou.gov.cn

Main industry

Hangzhou is core city of economic development area in coastal cities of China and there are 55,000 industry related companies

Heavy machinery , equipment manufacturing industry, utomobile , automobile parts manufacturing, home appliances anufacturing, electron communication manufacturing , precision industry, hemical industry and medicine manufacturing are developed

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Jinhwang city, Habuk seong, China


Jinhwang city, Habuk seong

  • The date of establishment of ties : November, 2000
  • The place of establishment of ties : GANGDONG gu office
  • Location : North East district of Habuk seong in China, Located 280km away in the west from Beijing
  • Population : 2630 thousand
  • Area : 7,523㎢
  • Homepage :http://www.qhd.gov.cn/

Main industry

History city : Emperor Qin Shi Huang built a lot of palaces

Tourism city : Jinhwang city is gateway to the sea close to two economic districts - Dongbuk, Hwabuk and this city has nonfreezing port


Great Wall of China is bordered with Jinhwang city, Sanhaegwan – historic scenic spot, wildlife zoo, Changsu Mountain

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Songginohairhangu , Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia


Songginohairhangu , Ulaanbaatar city

  • The date of establishment of ties : October, 1999
  • The place of establishment of ties : Songgginohairhangu office
  • Location : Songginohairhangu, Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia
  • Population : 130,000
  • Area : 1,201㎢
  • Homepage :http://www.mongolcity.com/

Main industry

The number of members of local assembly : 35

Local characteristics : secondary central business district bordering Antanblak, Bayanchandmani, borner, and Baesumber


Meat processing, dairying, stock-farming

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Musashino city, Japan


Musashino city

  • The date of establishment of ties : July 1, 1997
  • The place of establishment of ties : GANGDONG gu office
  • Location : Musashino, Tokyo, Japan
  • Population : 132,000
  • Area : 10.73㎢
  • Homepage :http://www.city.musashino.lg.jp
  • phone : 81) 422-51-5131 FAX : 81) 422-51-9141

Main industry

weather : Musashino has distinct 4 seasons and mild weather

specialty : Musashino is bordered with western Tokyo and 12 km away from downtown

The department in charge : Exchange work department of Musashino city


Great Wall of China is bordered with Jinhwang city, Sanhaegwan – historic scenic spot, wildlife zoo, Changsu Mountain

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Segovia in Spain



  • Affiliated Date: August 25, 2000
  • Affiliated Venue: Gangdong-gu Office
  • Location: Plaza Mayor 1,40.0001 Segovia
  • Population: 56,000
  • Area: 163.6㎢
  • Homepage :http://www.segovia.es


Segovia, a great medieval city of Europe, possesses a number of important cultural relics.

Alcázar of Segovia (the castle served as the model for the castle in Walt Disney's film Snow White)

Aqueduct of Segovia (a 728m-long Roman aqueduct built toward the end of the 1st century AD)

Segovia Cathedral (Catedral de Santa María de Segovia), Plaza Mayor

The old city of Segovia was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985.

Traditional Food: Barbecued piglet and roast leg of lamb

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Tangshan City, Hebei Province in China


Tangshan City, Hebei Province

  • Affiliated Date: October 16, 2001
  • Affiliated Venue: Tangshan City
  • Location: 5, Xishan road, Tangshan city, China
  • Population: 7,200,000
  • Area: 13,472㎢
  • Homepage :http://www.tourism.gov.cn/

Main industry

Establishment of major infrastructures such as expressways and railroads for a port and industrial zone

China's largest salt and coal producing city

Large deposits of underground resources such as crude oil, natural gas, and iron ore

Undergoing fostering as a hub of industry, trade, finance, and high-tech in Bohai Bay, along with Beijing and Tianjin, the so-called ‘Bohai Economic Rim'

Major City: Caofeidian (a port on the southern coastline of Tangshan City)

The Caofeidian project of Tangshan City is a national development project for the construction on reclaimed land of a huge dock, industrial district, steel mill, logistics base, and electric power.

Tangshan was selected as one of China's 50 Best Cities in Investment Environment, and China's happiest city, in 2008.

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City of Willoughby on the North Shore of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


City of Willoughby

  • Affiliated Date: November 10, 2011
  • Affiliated Venue: Willoughby City Hall
  • Location: 31Victor St. Chatswood Nsw2067
  • Population: 69,000
  • Area : 10.73㎢
  • Homepage :http://www.willoughby.nsw.gov.au

Main industry

Chatswood Library: The Chatswood Library, which occupies 5,000m2, holds booklists of twelve different languages including Korean. The library's self-checkout system is available in four anguages including Korean, English, and Chinese.

MOSAIC (Multicultural One-Stop Assistance Information Centre): The MOSAIC Multicultural Centre run by Willoughby City operates various services designed to help local multicultural families and citizens to adapt to and participate in Australian society.

Residential areas account for the majority of the city, but the commercial zone is established around Chatswood.

Willoughby City, which is regarded as a multicultural city in Australia, is home to a considerable number of immigrants.

Many Korean immigrants, including students, families, and resident employees, live in Chatswood.

Willoughby is considered an affluent district of Sydney.

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