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Greenway Walkathon

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  • Seniors who enjoy long and healthy lives tend to have one habit in common;They are always on the move or like walking.

    Gangdong-gu, a city featuring daily sports, is opening up a new era of 100 years of healthy life with its ‘100-year healthy life center’ where a number of chronic disease management, health promotion, and daily sports activities programs are held for residents.Gangdong Greenway walking is one of those programs.

    It is held on the 4th Saturday every month from March to October.

    The venue is mainly the Iljasan Mountain Natural Park; depending on the theme, but the location may change to ‘Godeoksan Mountain Mujangaejarakgil’ or the riverside of Hangang River during the hot summer.

    When the venue is changed to the riverside, several cultural events such as ‘Moonlight Concert’ and ‘Movie Night’ are also held so that all family members can spend some quality time together.

  • We invite you and your family/friends to the Greenway Walkathon on the 4th Saturday of every month!

Location of Iljasan Mountain

  • Location: 660, Dongnam-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul (Dunchon-dong)
  • Transportation: take the bus 351 or 3316 / take the connected bus on exit No.4 of Gangdong station
  • Parking: 30 parking spaces available (free)
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