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Creating a Healthy Environment Free of Discriminat

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  • Major Project
  • Creating a Healthy Environment Free of Discriminat
  • The '100 years of healthy life counseling center' is a 'mini' public health center located in community service centers for each dong.
  • It is a dong-based center for chronic disease prevention and control, focusing on individual residents and providing counseling services for them so as to identify and prevent chronic diseases and encourage life style improvements (exercise, nutrition, smoking, stress, etc.)

    Multiple health management activities such as exercise, club activities, healthy gardening, and self-help meetings of patients with chronic diseases, are actively conducted in the 100-years of healthy life counseling centers.

    ※ In 2014, this was introduced on the WHO's website as an exemplary health care policy for the first time in Korea


  • Do you want to get the most out of the counseling center?
    • Operation: Year-round
    • Subject: Local residents who are 20 years old or older
    • Location: 18 community service centers including public health centers and branch offices
health 100 years consultation center  photo1health 100 years consultation center  photo2health 100 years consultation center  photo3건강100세 상담센터:location at the public health center,branch office and community centers in 16 dong districts (health 100 years consultation center)

Playground for Humanities

  • Lectures on health and retirement, the topics that are popular among elderly residents, are provided to those who use Elderly Sarangbang and local residents who are interested in the subjects.

Senior citizens counseling center

  • Providing counseling regarding living, welfare, psychology, emotions, law, tax, and government support for low income classes by visiting the Elderly Sarangbang, community parks, and families who want to use the counseling service.

Senior citizens counseling center

Senior citizens counseling center

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