Establishing a Resource Recycling Center
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  • Establishing a Resource Recycling Center
  • The resource recycling center establishment is a project to dispose of the existing waste treatment facility located in the Godeok Gangil Apartment Project district and to replace it with a modern, underground and environmentally-friendly facility which has a sports facility and green areas above it.

    This center will be operated as a resident-friendly facility, providing a stable domestic waste treatment system.

  • About Resource Recycling Center
  • Location: 272, Arisu-ro 87-gil, Gangdong-gu (85, Godeok-dong)
  • Size: 41,153㎡
    • Underground: Total waste treatment facilities (food, recycling, compression, waste loading facility, etc.)
    • Above ground: Park with sports facilities
  • Construction period: 2020 to 2024
  • Total project budget: More than 230 billion won (excluding land costs)
Location & Aerial view