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Cheonho-dong Jokbal Street

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  • Cheonho-dong Jokbal Street
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  • There is small alley famous for its delicious jokbal near 2001 Outlet in Cheonho-dong.
  • People heralded a person with 16 years of experience on one comedy TV show, but here in Cheonho-dong's Jokbal Alley, 20 years of experience is next to nothing.
  • The alley is included in the Cheonho-dong redevelopment plan, so it is not overly neat and clean at the moment.

    However, it certainly is a good place to have a simple meal with close friends.

  • There is also the Cheonho-dong Rodeo Street that can be found nearby.

    Enjoy Rodeo Street and delicious jokbal with your family.

    It will be a happy family gathering to be remembered for a long time.


  • Location: Gucheonmyeon-ro 25-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul
  • Main goods: Clothing, shoes, food stands, cafe, and more.
  • Size: 293m in length, 159 stores
  • Transportation
    • Subway: 7 minutes from Exit No. 1 of Cheonho Station, Line Nos. 5 and 8

      Bus: 13, 13-2, 16, 30, 30-1, and Gangdong 05

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