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Seongnae-dong’s Jjukkumi Alley

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  • Seongnae-dong’s Jjukkumi Alley
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  • Seongnae-dong Jjukkumi Alley Photo 1
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  • Let us introduce you to Seongnae-dong's Jjukkumi Alley!

    It is a very spicy dish,
    but that's what makes people come again and again to enjoy the delicious jjukkumi stir-fry.

    Try to make fried rice using the spicy sauce after finishing the dish?
    You may find it to be a spoonful of happiness.Come out of Exit 6 of Cheonho Station, go straight to the road ahead, and go down the alley next to Kookmin Bank. This is where you can come across Jjukkumi Alley.

    In fact, this place was not always known for being Jjukkumi Alley.

    There once was one great-tasting jjukkumi place here, and over time, many similar restaurants started to gather along the alley. Even now, Jjukkumi Alley is spreading slowly.

    Jjukkumi Alley neighbors Rodeo Steet. It will be a good chance to shop on Rodeo Street and then alleviate your hunger in Jjukkumi Alley.


  • Location: Cheonho-daero 158-gil, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Transportation
    • Subway: 2 minutes from Exit No 6 of Cheonho Station, Line Nos. 5 and 8

    • Bus: 1-4, 23, 30-3, 112, 112-1, 112-5, 341, 130, 351, 370, 3214, 3316, 1113, ,1113-1 1113-2, 9301,
      and Gangdong 05

    • (Get off at Cheonho Sageori, Exit No. 6 of Cheonho Station)

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