Godeok Biz Valley
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  • Godeok Biz Valley
  • Located in 353-beonju Godeok-dong with an area of 234,523㎡, Godeok Commercial Multicomplex is the largest economic innovation project to be carried out since the opening of Gangdong-gu Office, which aims to take a bold leap forward to become a new economic hub in the eastern metropolitan area.

    The site of Godeok Commercial Multicomplex is a hub of traffic with many roads running in all directions including the Olympic Highway, a beltway around Seoul, Gyeongchun Expressway, and Jungbu Expressway.

    Alongside Hangang River, it is a favored place boasting of an optimal business environment.

    The development concept of Godeok Commercial Multicomplex consists of an attractive Culture/Logistics/Commercial zone where people will be apt to linger, Business/R&D/Knowledge industry zone that would create jobs and fortify a foundation for the local economy with the high-tech industry, Commercial zone for tourism, hotels, and convention center, and Green zone where people and nature coexist together in harmony.

    Overall, it will be developed as a city where many industries are converged and integrated in harmony.

  • Gangdong-gu Office signed a memorandum of understanding with Ikea in October 2019 for IKEA Korea-JK Future Consortium at the Seoul Housing & Urban Corporation's private business contest for distribution site 1 in Godeok Biz Valley. The selection of IKEA Korea was confirmed. Aiming to be completed in 2024, it will be developed in the form of a large complex that combines IKEA Korea, movie theaters, shopping malls, and offices.

    Godeok Biz Valley is expected to reinforce the regional economy and create large-scale jobs as a key project to transform Gangdong. More than 150 companies, including hotels, convention centers, and R & D centers, as well as distribution and sales facilities, will occupy the building.

    In addition, when transportation is completed, such as the extension of subway line 9 and the connection of the Seoul-Sejong Expressway, it will be transformed into the best business place in the metropolitan area.

    At present, 31 outstanding companies, including Cuckoo Electronics, have been confirmed. The company will conclude a business agreement with local companies to develop local win-win growth, so that local residents and young people in Gangdong-gu can be hired first.

  • About Godeok Commercial Multicomplex
  • Location and Area: Inside Godeok Sangil Public House 1, 234,523㎡ (345, Godeok-dong)
  • Project period: 2013 to 2023
  • Project plan: Attracting investors (Gangdong-gu) ➔ Site supply (SH Corporation) ➔ Development by private business
  • Expected ripple effects: Economic effect of 9.5 trillion won, 38,000 jobs created

Godeok Commercial Multicomplex
Category Area Functions being introduced
Logistics and sales
facility site
(Residential area)
(20,690 pyeong )

Sales•Business•Culture and assembly•Broadcasting and communications facility, large-scale stores, etc.

Self-sufficiency site
(Residential area)
(17,252 pyeong)

Business•culture and assembly, Health care•Education and research facility

Urban factory, Venture firm accumulation, Software promotional facilities, etc.

Commercial site 19,073㎡
(5,780 pyeong)

Class 1 and 2 neighborhood-convenience facilities, Sales, Accommodation facilities (hotels, etc.)

Business•Education and Research•Sports•Facilities for the elderly and infants

Culture and assembly facilities (limited to performance hall and exhibition hall)

Parking Lots
(Residential Area)
(817 pyeong)

Parking-only buildings (external parking lot under Article 2 of the Parking Lot law)

※ Possible to install sales facilities within 30% of building area)

Other 87,325㎡
(26,462 pyeong)

Public buildings(6,345㎡), Parks(18,336㎡), Roads, etc.

Culture/Logistics/Commerce Zone
Business/R&D/Knowledge Industries Zone
Hotel/Convention Center/
Leisure Facilities Zone
Green/Ecosystem Zone
  • Representing the eastern metropolitan area
    Culture/Logistics/Commerce Zone
    By establishing various trend-leading infrastructure, from a wide range of commerce and logistics facilities to diverse cultural spaces, the zone attracts a lot of foot traffic.
    Culture/Logistics/Commerce Zone
  • A global creative innovation cluster centered on cutting-edge industries!
    Business/R&D/Knowledge Industries Zone
    A substantial entrepreneurship and job creation effect are expected as we are attracting cutting-edge industries such as the medical, life sciences, IT, and software industries. This will also lead to a win-win cooperation between large companies and SMEs.
    Business/R&D/Knowledge Industries Zone
  • A space where business and tourism go hand in hand!
    Hotel/Convention Center/Leisure Facilities Zone
    Deluxe tourist and business hotels of global brands will be built to establish global business infrastructure and develop various programs for foreign tourists.
    Hotel/Convention Center/Leisure Facilities Zone
  • A fantastic city space creating harmony between the environment and industries!
    Green/Ecosystem Zone
    The Hangang River, Godeok Eco Wetland, and streets with various trees are all connected to form a eco-friendly trail. The green network secured throughout the multiple complexes brings a healthy and sound environment to the city.
    Green/Ecosystem Zone