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Creating the Right Atmosphere of a Healthy City

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  • Creating the Right Atmosphere of a Healthy City

Creation of a Healthy, Energetic Living Environment

Healthy, Energetic School Life Project

Sweating in PE class 40 minutes, Active lunch hour 20 minutes, Playing around during playtime 20 minutes, Walking to school/home 30 minutes, Starting the day with stretching 10 minutes, Keep standing in class 40 minutes

Creation of a Healthy, Energetic City Atmosphere

Expansion of sports facilities: Opening Ceremony of Saemteo Badminton Court / Gangdong Greenway Walkathon / Square for activities / Walkathon of Herbal Astronomy Park

Playground for Humanities

Ollie GO! Naeri GO! Stair-climbing campaign

  • Posting the benefits of stair-climbing and calorie consumption information in front of elevators of apartment buildings and hospitals, the "Apartment building stair-climbing" campaign can help create a healthy city environment by encouraging residents to practice stair-climbing as regular activity in their everyday lives.
Heart: Circulates the blood to prevent cardiovascular disorders such as high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, Brain: Improves the mood, Stomach: Prevents obesity through burning up calories, Back: Improves backache by developing back and abdominal muscles, Knees: Relieves pain by strengthening ligaments and muscles around knees, Bones: Prevents osteoporosis by strengthening muscles and bones

Strengthening of international cooperative network/ Chair of AFHC Steering Committee (2018-2020)

  • Promoting international exchanges with healthy cities who joined the WHO AFHC for the Western Pacific region
  • Vitalization of international exchanges with healthy cities that have joined the WHO AFHC in the Western Pacific Region
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