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Gangdong-Gu News & Info
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Gangdong-gu Awarded Grand Prize at the 2020 Korea Culture Management Awards$-Gangdong-gu praised for its unique cultural policies, such as the Kang Full Comic Street, Angel Workshop, and eco-friendly cultural government office-
20-11-2020 204
Gangdong-gu Operates “COVID-19-Safe Restaurants”$-Enforcement of a safe restaurant certification system for COVID-19-safe dining-Certification of businesses that improve dining culture and observe disinfection/prevention measures with applications accepted until December
20-11-2020 253
Gangdong-gu Opens Dunchon Library with Book Forest for Healing$-- Three-story, 996.98-㎡ building with nature-friendly design such as zero energy and an open structure-- Reading Deck connected to the rooftop garden for rest and relaxation with a forest and books
27-10-2020 218
Gangdong-gu’s Smart Management of Recycled Ice Packs$-Construction of the smart platform for recycled ice packed as a project together with the Seoul Digital Foundation-Construction of the smart platform for recycled ice packed as a project together with the Seoul Digital Foundation
23-10-2020 239
Kangdong Jahwal Center Selected as Excellent Institution by the Ministry of Health and Welfare$-Kangdong Jahwal Center selected as excellent institution at the 2020 Simple Evaluation of Local Self-sufficiency Centers by the Ministry of Health and Welfare-Provision of customized self-sufficiency programs that inspire low-income residents to become self-sufficient
07-10-2020 208
Gangdong-gu Awarded “Minister of Health and Welfare Award” for Excellence in Dementia Care$-warded the Minister of Health and Welfare Award on the “13th Day of Overcoming Dementia”-Gangdong-gu receives honor in categories of Dementia Prevention and Management (individual) and Excellent Dementia Program (institutional)
06-10-2020 232
Gangdong-gu Awarded the National Local Government Job Award for the Fourth Consecutive Year$- Gangdong-gu first in Seoul to be awarded in both the Public Disclosure System and Excellent Project categories!-- Acquires KRW 90 million in financial incentives as recognition for employment policies
05-10-2020 204
“Resource-Circulating RVM ” in Operation in Historic Site in Amsa-dong$-“Nephron 3,” AI-based reverse vending machine, to recycle can and plastic bottles-Enabling people to experience resource circulation in a fun way and protecting the environment by enhancing resource recovery
18-09-2020 378
Agricultural Products of Goheung To Be Sold at SingSing-Dream Stores $-Dried seaweed, yuzu tea, pomegranate, etc. from Goheung to be sold at SingSing-Dream Stores- Urban and rural co-prosperity with safe food for residents and expanded markets for farm households
18-09-2020 237
Gangdong-gu’s “Happiness School” Project Wins Top Award in 2020 Best Manifesto Competition$-A project involving students, parents and teachers to take part in remodeling-- Spatial welfare touted for its concept; students change its their surroundings change
11-09-2020 230