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Gangdong-Gu News & Info
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A Checkup for Your Weary Mind - Gangdong-gu discovers and treats mental health risk factors in the early stages through mental checkups and support for counseling - Participation by 11 medical centers, three rounds of support for treatment costs for residents over the age of 19
16-02-2021 206
Gangdong-gu Devoted to Discovering and Supporting Welfare Blind Spots Amid Severe Cold Waves, Period of concentrated discovery of welfare blind spots in winter to last until March 31, Expected to reinforce discovery system to prevent regrettable accidents
19-01-2021 202
Received 31 more points than the national average score in 2020 to receive the highest grade - Received great evaluation in confirmation and inspection of actual state of civil complaint management along with revitalization of the ombudsman
19-01-2021 186
Gangdong-gu Family Counseling Center for Healing of Domestic Violence and Family Discord, Operation of Safe Counseling Center for use during COVID-19 pandemic, With the operating hours 10:00 AM-5:00 PM on weekdays, protection and counseling for victims, healing and treatment programs are available
18-01-2021 204
Gangdong-gu gives support of KRW 13 billion for educational projects… Announces balanced support for educational welfare and future education - Pursuit of major projects in five areas, including free educational welfare and facility renovation
14-01-2021 217
Gangdong-gu Creates Experiential ParkFilled with Herbal Fragrances, Restricted development zone changed into resident-centered, eco-friendly park - Link to various herb experience programs expected to play healing role for residents
11-01-2021 190
Idle Space in Senior Citizen Center Becomes Space for Children$-Gangdong-gu steadily forms the children’s community center, “Ggum Miso”-A shared space for senior citizens, children, and teens expected to eliminate care blind spots and unite the 1st and 3rd generations
07-12-2020 214
Opening of the Gangdong-gu Youth Startup House for young artists and entrepreneurs$-Completion of the Youth Art House for young artists and Seongnae Challenge House for young entrepreneurs-Completion of the Youth Art House for young artists and Seongnae Challenge House for young entrepreneurs
04-12-2020 198
Gangdong-gu Awarded Grand Prize at the Korea Space Welfare Awards$-Recognized for spatial innovation incorporating design and culture and realization of spatial welfare by class and area-- Ggum Miso, a space shared by senior citizens and children, libraries and book cafes for rest, and more
26-11-2020 221
Gangdong-gu’s Senior Community Centers Reborn through Public Designs$-Gangdong-gu remodels old senior community centers with public designs-Plan to increase safety and convenience of elders through user-oriented designs
25-11-2020 223