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Gangdong-Gu News & Info
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Gangdong-gu District Office held a kick-off ceremony on June 11 for Gangdong Landscape Nuridan, which was created to improve the local landscape through civic participation.
16-06-2021 254
Gangdong-gu Reopens AMSA Community Regeneration Sangsangnaru
24-05-2021 527
Gangdong-gu Confirms Supplementary Budget of 50.2 billion Focusing on Public Welfare Amid COVID-19
21-05-2021 246
Gangdong-gu District Integrated Support Center for Families in Crisis Runs Crisis Counseling Service for Domestic Violence
17-05-2021 189
Gangdong-gu asks how senior citizens living alone are doing through a milk delivery service!
14-05-2021 187
Get your Household Register Certificate, Resident Registration Abstract, and Family Relationship Certificate at the automated civil document issuing machine for free!
14-05-2021 310
Gangdong-gu Makes a New Start with the Innovation Center for Future Education...To Lead the Cultivation of Future Leaders - Gangdong-gu renovates the Innovation Center for Future Education to support students who will lead the 2030s - Aimed at activating a platform integrating smart education, supporting educational courses for the cultivation of future leaders, and establishing an education cooperation system
22-04-2021 219
Children of Gangdong-guKnow Their Medicines - Pharmaceutical Safety Education conducted among children and students in daycare centers, kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools - Education conducted on how to prevent pharmaceutical accidents among children, how to consume medicine properly, including the risk of harmful drugs
19-04-2021 194
Spring Again, No More Homelessness Counseling for the Homeless of Gangdong-gu - Counseling teams to be formed and operated to remove the homeless from the blind spots of management - Day and night patrol in homeless gathering areas for counseling and supporting activities
19-04-2021 200
Gangdong-gu Operates
19-04-2021 196