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Gangdong-Gu News & Info
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Gangdong-gu Establishes Quick Response System for Gas Safety - Utilized social media (NAVER Band) to prepare quick reporting system in case of gas accident - Gangdong Gas Safety Keepers formed by staffs and safety managers from 5 agencies and 15 work sites
24-03-2021 101
Gangdong-gu Official Who Led Recycling of Ice Packs Receives Presidential Citation on “Active Administration Merit” - Gangdong-gu official received Presidential lCitation for implementing active administration highly appreciated by people - Established environment-friendly ice pack reuse and collection system, the first of its kind among local governments nationwide, to lead implementation of virtuous cycle of resources
24-03-2021 110
Gangdong-gu to Operate "2021 Gangdong After School" to Bridge Educational Gaps - District to provide educational guidance and career path counseling to students in elementary through high schools of vulnerable social groups - Expected to reduce educational gaps among students caused by prolonged COVID-19
19-03-2021 101
Farmers in the City — Gangdong-gu Opens City Gardens - 7 locations opened on Saturday, Mar. 27 in Gangil, Garaeyeoul, Amsa, Sangil, Gil-dong, Iljasan Mountain and Healing Farm - Video training provided for novice farmers
15-03-2021 111
Gangdong-gu Promotes Colorful Cultural Projects for the 2021, the Year of Revitalization for Elders. Support for various activities of seniors through the Gangdong-gu Branch of Korean Senior Citizens Association and Holy Family Senior Welfare Center. Promotion of new "Visiting Tuesday Stage" as enjoyable cultural project for seniors
22-02-2021 110
Gangdong-gu Operates Visiting Welfare Counseling Center. Opening of online counseling center, operation of systematic counseling center in response of COVID-19. Construction of tightly woven welfare safety net with reinforced one-on-one visiting counseling for at-risk households
18-02-2021 137
Participate in the Nutrition Plus Project for Healthy Mothers and Infants. Gangdong-gu recruits participants for "Nutrition Plus Project" for pregnant women and infants. Six-month education and consultation on nutrition; support for customized supplementary foods to improve nutritional imbalances
17-02-2021 102
Gangdong-gu Becomes Mecca of Elegant Culture and Art! Gangdong-gu commissions master planner for culture and arts. Systematic support of local culture and art policies through consultations with experts in culture and arts
16-02-2021 136
A Checkup for Your Weary Mind - Gangdong-gu discovers and treats mental health risk factors in the early stages through mental checkups and support for counseling - Participation by 11 medical centers, three rounds of support for treatment costs for residents over the age of 19
16-02-2021 111
Gangdong-gu Devoted to Discovering and Supporting Welfare Blind Spots Amid Severe Cold Waves, Period of concentrated discovery of welfare blind spots in winter to last until March 31, Expected to reinforce discovery system to prevent regrettable accidents
19-01-2021 111
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