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Gangdong-Gu News & Info
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Gangdong-gu to be Reappointed as a Chair City for Korea Healthy Cities Partnership$By unanimous decision, Gangdong-gu was reappointed as the 6th chair city at the <10th Regular General Assembly of the Korea Healthy Cities Partnership (the “Partnership”)> held in Ulsan. About 250 people from 86 member cities nationwide
30-09-2016 124
2016 International Symposium on Amsa-dong Prehistoric Site to be Held$On October 7th, the “International Symposium for the Registration of Amsa-dong Prehistoric Site as a UNESCO World Heritage” will be held in the International Conference Room on the 20th floor of the Korea Press Center.
28-09-2016 132
The 21st Prehistoric Culture Festival of Gangdong to be Held$Home of the Amsa-dong Prehistoric Settlement Site (875, Olympic-ro, Gangdong-gu) that cherishes the history of the ancient times, Gangdong-gu will host the “The 21st Prehistoric Culture Festival of Gangdong from October 7th to 9th.
28-09-2016 136
Splendid Transformation of Traditional Markets Enabling Shopping at Night$As the sun sets and sky darkens, a unique, exciting marketplace opens its doors in Gangdong-gu – Amsa Night Market.
26-09-2016 139
Honorary Road Names with Regional Distinction Bring Life to the Streets$Garosu-gil in Sinsa-dong and Asem-gil in Samseong-dong. These road names that are familiar to us are honorary road names
26-09-2016 139
We will Neither Give nor Take Bribes or Illegal Solicitations!$“NO to illegal solicitations or bribes!”Prior to the implementation of 「The Improper Solicitation and Graft Act」 (the “Solicitation Act”), Gangdong-gu held an
26-09-2016 124
Beating of 3 Hearts! Gangdong Vision Proclamation Ceremony to be Hosted$Gangdong-gu will host the proclamation ceremony of “Project 3 Hearts”, which contains its vision of becoming the financial and economic center of the eastern part of Seoul metropolitan area, in the front concourse of Gangdong-gu Office at 1:30
21-09-2016 145
Gangdong-gu Honored with 4 Awards as a Healthy City Recognized by WHO$Gangdong-gu has received 4 awards at the 「The 7th Global Conference of the AFHC (Alliance for Healthy Cities)」 hosted by the
30-08-2016 136
Gangdong Arts Center Celebrates its 5th Anniversary$Gangdong Arts Center (870, Dongnam-ro, Gangdong-gu, Seoul), directly managed by Gangdong-gu, celebrates its 5th anniversary
29-08-2016 194
“Angel Effect” Transforming Cover-up Store Street in Seongnae-dong$This past July, the first Angel Workshop, Coiro, opened on the illegal cover-up cafe street in Seongnae-dong. While walking by and gathering around the café
05-08-2016 141
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