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Gangdong-Gu News & Info
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Gangdong-gu Operates Amsa-dong Urban Regenenration Community "Youth Table"
20-03-2017 133
Gangdong-gu Citizens Adopt Trees $ The Gangdong-gu is conducting the Adopt-a-Tree Project.
16-03-2017 147
Opening of the Third Youth Club in Gangdong-gu, Seongil Center $ Gangdong-gu opened a sharing space for the youth, ‘Youth Maru, Seongil Center’ on the 8th.
09-03-2017 145
Building a Perfect Place to Ride Bicycles Together $ The spring has finally arrived after the rigor of a long winter.
07-03-2017 145
Guaranteeing the Safety of Gangdong-gu with New Security CCTVs
27-02-2017 138
The 'Worldwide Celebration' for a Very Special 100th Birthday $ Gangdong-gu held ‘The Worldwide Celebration’ for the 100th birthday of an elderly person who is residing in a city nursing home on Monday, February 20th.
16-02-2017 143
Happy coexistence~~ $ Gangdong-gu Office builds cat shelter
14-02-2017 159
Opening of a roundtable discussion for the world our youth want. $ Gangdong-gu is running a roundtable discussion on Tuesday, February 7th at 1:30 pm under the topic, ‘The Gangdong-gu Youth Policies I want.’
09-02-2017 142
Fall in the world of webtoons of the city, ‘Seung-ryong’s house’ opens on the 8th of February $Gangdong-gu opens ‘Seung-ryong’s house’ on Kang Full Cartoon Street at 3 pm on February 8th.
09-02-2017 146
Gangdong-gu opens a counseling center for their employees $Opening of a counseling center at 11 am on Feb 1 (Wed.)
09-02-2017 143