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Gangdong-Gu News & Info
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Gangdong-gu Takes Initiative in Reducing Disposable Goods Use!$-Gangdong-gu inspects use of disposable cups in coffee shops and fast food restaurants-Entire staff of Gangdong-gu Office takes the initiative in the use of personal cups and cultural propagation of eco-friendly consumption
17-08-2018 134
Gangdong-gu Selects A Happy Gangdong as Administrative Goal during 7th Popular Elections$-Selection of new administrative goal, guide, and slogan, of the 7th popular elections that encompass the district’s vision and philosophy-Commencing of construction of a future-oriented happy city centered on residents with balance of growth and distribution
08-08-2018 138
Gangdong-gu Women’s Career Program Helps Mothers Get Back on Track$-Gangdong-gu recruits participants for the Fall Women’s Career Program help mothers return to their careers -Classes by 11 popular programs, including health management for mothers and newborns, babysitting, and career counseling
08-08-2018 124
Gangdong-gu Protects Safety of Elder Pedestrians$- Pedestrian safety training & traffic safety supplies distribution to commence from August
07-08-2018 125
Gangdong-gu Forms ‘Valuable Connection’ with Children in Childcare Facilities$-Childcare facilities establish one-on-one relationship between children and volunteers, offering ‘Valuable Connection Bridge’ program-Construction of long-term support system for child psychological and emotional stability
31-07-2018 136
The Excitement of New Life, Shared with Gangdong$-Gangdong-gu selects 9 ideas for slogan to overcome the low birth rate, from competition ratio of 113 to 1-Delivers hope-filled message through production of public video filled with hope to overcome the low birth rate
30-07-2018 124
Gangdong-gu Enforces Public Sanitation Service Assessment$-- On-site evaluation of total of 361 locations as foothold for promotion of resident health
30-07-2018 111
Gangdong-gu Takes the Lead in Reducing Use of Disposable Items!$-Gangdong-gu preferentially purchases recycled goods and installs umbrella rainwater removers to reduce use of disposable items-Stops unnecessary use of resources, anticipating creation of clean urban environment
18-07-2018 126
Gangdong-gu Opens Forest Exploration Nature Playground for Infants!$-Worn out play zone on 2nd floor of Gangdong Children Center → Newly opened as ‘Dong Dong Nature Playground’-Forest exploration theme for infants; come play while experiencing nature's four seasons!
18-07-2018 145
Gangdong-gu’s Healthy Family Garden, Preventing Child Obesity$-Gangdong-gu, increases nature-friendly physical activities and promotes child health through cultivation of family gardens-To offer land selection, seedling planting, healthy garden food cooking activities, and other eating habit improvements
18-07-2018 132
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