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Gangdong-Gu News & Info
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Gangdong-gu Forms ‘Cooperative Governance Gangdong-gu Council’ to Stimulate Citizen-Government Cooperative Governance$-July 16 (Mon.): first plenary session of Cooperative Governance Gangdong-gu Council-Organized of 25 citizens and 5 government officials for deliberation and consultation of policies and systems for activation of cooperative governance
17-07-2018 117
Gangdong Prehistoric Culture Festival$-Awarded Best Special Program Award and Best Product Award in 2 categories of Korean Competition-Positive reviews on festival’s major street parade and solar LED-lit pottery with comb pattern souvenir
17-07-2018 109
Gangdong-gu Takes the Lead in Protecting Senior Citizens’ Human Rights!$-Gangdong-gu establishes plans for prevention of abuse of the elderly and protection of human rights-Plans for operation of elderly abuse report centers at community service centers and welfare facilities
16-07-2018 92
Mayor Lee Jung-hun of Gangdong-gu Begins On-Site ‘Talk Talk’ Open Discussions$-Discussion time for governance and communication with district citizens to be held for 9 days from the 16th-Time for renewed request for trust; direct visits to disadvantaged households and welfare facilities
12-07-2018 118
Babies, Welcome to Gangdong!$-Gangdong-gu to expand baby shower service for all expecting households from July-Infant diapers, hand soap, and other congratulatory items additionally provided by Seoul
03-07-2018 97
Gangdong-gu Visits Children and Youth for Realistic Safety Education$-Gangdong-gu offers ‘moving virtual disaster hands-on safety school’ for 5,013 students in preschool, elementary, and middle school-Taking the lead in spreading awareness of local safety culture through VR (virtual reality) safety experience zone
02-07-2018 86
Share Apartment Parking and Save Maintenance Costs!$-Gangdong-gu, open recruitment of apartment houses wanting to open unused parking spaces-Catch two birds with one stone by solving parking problems in the city and by reducing apartment maintenance costs
30-05-2018 93
Gangdong-gu to Hold Completion Ceremony of Public Meal Center for Urban-Rural Mutuality for First Time in Seoul$-Gangdong-gu to hold completion ceremony of Public Meal Center for urban-rural mutuality on June 1 in Godeok-dong-To offer healthy food for citizens and a stable market at production centers for the actualization of true urban-rural mutuality
29-05-2018 98
Gangdong-gu, 2018 Construction of Heat Wave Response System!$-Operation of comprehensive support situation room as countermeasure against scorching heat for approximately 4 months from May 20 to end of September-Operation of 34 shade canopies at crosswalks, 1,224 disaster helpers, 229 heat wave shelters
28-05-2018 114
Gangdong-gu Office, Reborn as an Environmentally-Friendly Open Government Office Building!$-Gangdong-gu Office to hold remodeling completion ceremony on the morning of the 25th-Gangdong-gu Office to hold remodeling completion ceremony on the morning of the 25th-Former office plaza parking lot transformed into a grass square, the “open garden,” 1,300 ㎡ in scale
23-05-2018 195
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