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Gangdong-Gu News & Info
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Mayor Lee Jung-hun Establishes Final 71 Items of the 7th Elections Project Pledges$-Establishment of Gangdong-gu’s 3 goals, 7 priority tasks, 71 particular projects-- Mayor Lee Jung-hun to realize a happy Gangdong through faithful fulfillment of pledges
24-10-2018 164
No More Worries about Autumn Mosquitoes thanks to thorough Fumigation!$-Gangdong-gu to enforce concentrated fumigation of mosquito habitats with the help of the health center fumigation unit and the civilian fumigation unit-- Residents are encouraged to follow instructions for individual activities while outdoors to prevent mosquito-borne diseases
17-10-2018 195
Play with Wood Instead of Plastic!$-Gangdong-gu builds five neighborhood forest centers for children, including in Saemteo Neighborhood Park-Supports the growth of children with forest playgrounds in which children can play amid nature
17-10-2018 173
Gangdong-gu’s LED Security Lights for Resident Safety$-Gangdong-gu to change security lights in Seongnae 3(sam)-dong and Myeongil 1(il)-dong residential streets to highly efficient LED lights-To change 7,323 security lights by 2021 on an annual basis for creation of a safe Gangdong
16-10-2018 260
Gangdong-gu Lowers Threshold for Senior Citizen Centers to Secure Extra Leisure Space$-Operation of 22 open senior citizen centers and small welfare centers for seniors, children and residents for common use-- Transformation of senior citizen centers into spaces for residents and local children
05-10-2018 163
Beware of False and Exaggerated Food Advertisements!$-Senior Inspectors visit senior citizen and senior welfare centers in Gangdong-gu to educate and publicize-- Completion of crackdown on health products and shops as Chuseok holiday approaches
17-09-2018 176
Gangdong-gu Runs Improved Deposit-based, Monthly-lease Housing Consultations for Reconstruction and Moving$-Improved operations and financial loan conditions to support reconstruction and moving of Gil-dong Shindonga Apartments 1, 2-- Weekend operation in September; visits for single elders with difficulty moving
14-09-2018 172
Gangdong-gu Adopts Gangdong-gu Kakao Notification Service Starting September$- Notification service to provide notices on the state of civil complaints and administrative news through KakaoTalk beginning September 7-Secures trust through provision of location of call to receiving end and promotes reduction of fees
13-09-2018 246
Gangdong-gu Mayor Lee Jung-hun Operates Mobile Mayor’s Office$-First Mobile Mayor’s Office to commenced on September 7th at the Self-Learning Center-Plans to gather public opinion on-site from the people themselves about education, culture, and social welfare for over 30 sessions
12-09-2018 150
First Local Government in the Country! Establishment and Operation of Gangdong-gu Construction Safety Center$-Gangdong-gu holds Construction Safety Center signboard hanging ceremony at the Gangdong-gu Office Seongan Annex-Anticipation of customized safety service for residents customized to the conditions of each local community
11-09-2018 179