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Gangdong-Gu News & Info
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Gangdong-gu Adopts Gangdong-gu Kakao Notification Service Starting September$- Notification service to provide notices on the state of civil complaints and administrative news through KakaoTalk beginning September 7-Secures trust through provision of location of call to receiving end and promotes reduction of fees
13-09-2018 181
Gangdong-gu Mayor Lee Jung-hun Operates Mobile Mayor’s Office$-First Mobile Mayor’s Office to commenced on September 7th at the Self-Learning Center-Plans to gather public opinion on-site from the people themselves about education, culture, and social welfare for over 30 sessions
12-09-2018 109
First Local Government in the Country! Establishment and Operation of Gangdong-gu Construction Safety Center$-Gangdong-gu holds Construction Safety Center signboard hanging ceremony at the Gangdong-gu Office Seongan Annex-Anticipation of customized safety service for residents customized to the conditions of each local community
11-09-2018 135
Gangdong-gu Protects Your Vision$-Additional ophthalmological complications examination as part of theCitizen Health Point project for patients with hypertension and diabetes
06-09-2018 121
Gangdong-gu Collecting Broken Umbrellas$-Operation of Free Umbrella Repair Center at recycling center in Godeok-dong, Gangdong-gu-- Permanent installment of broken umbrella collection in all community service centers in Gangdong-gu
05-09-2018 143
Gangdong-gu Rewards Filial Grant to Filial Children$-Gangdong-gu rewards a filial grant of KRW 200,000 to households supporting elders over the age of 100-Instills pride in filial deeds and creates a beautiful filial city of Gangdong
05-09-2018 120
Gangdong-gu Youth Designers Invited to Fashion Show in Milan$-Designers to participate in the biggest leather fashion show, MIPEL, in Milan, Italy, from September 16 to 19-- A green light for the Gangdong-gu youth-oriented leather fashion industry highlights local features
04-09-2018 129
Future-generation Children Create Green Energy with Sunflower Seeds$-Gangdong-gu to open Bioenergy Farm Workshop for elementary school students on September 5-Various programs include making biodiesel with sunflower seeds and cotton candy with self-powered bicycle
04-09-2018 112
Gangdong-gu Conducts 2018 Local Health Examinations$-Gangdong-gu conducts 2018 Local Health Examinations for 916 residents over age 19-- Plans to be conducted by examiner household visitations for one-on-one consultations by October
04-09-2018 112
A Future Organizational Efficiency in Gangdong$-Gangdong-gu pushes forward with reorganization through increased efficiency in preparation for population growth up to 500,000 residents)-Preparation for inclusive urban projects free of discrimination with equal benefits
22-08-2018 112
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