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Gangdong-Gu News & Info
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Gangdong-gu leads age of 4th Industrial Revolution with emphasis on coding education for ICT jobs$-‘Business agreement’ signed on Nov. 19 to help nurture talent-Makerspace created; coding and software eduction strengthened; job creation eyed
20-11-2018 136
Mayor shows strong will towards resumption of Amsa Green Road project$-Gangdong-gu Office to link Seoul Amsa-dong remains with Han River with the resumption of Amsa Green Road project-Task force formed and feasibility study will be carried out
19-11-2018 106
Gangdong-gu to install Sleeping Child Check on commuter buses of daycare centers to prevent accidents$-Device to be installed on 106 commuter buses by year’s end-Emergency horn sounds if driver fails to press bell to ensure safety of children even on the back seat
16-11-2018 135
Gangdong-gu installs 4 more yellow carpets$-Yellow carpets installed near Myogok, Gangsol, Hansan and Myeongdeok Elementary Schools-- Safe road environment created to enable children to commute and walk without fear
16-11-2018 212
Gangdong-gu to conduct complex development of public land for efficient use$-Underused public buildings, available land to be developed-- Gangdong-gu and LH sign business agreement for ‘regionally customized growth master plan’
15-11-2018 121
Gangdong-gu establishes ‘Innovation Plan for Regional Community’ for cooperative governance$-Public-private cooperation for 9 projects including prevention of conflict and education on environment ecology-- Mayor Lee Jung-hun expects cooperative governance to be realized through collaboration
14-11-2018 109
Godeok Traditional Market takes first step toward ‘win-win’ after long conflict$-Continuous communication leading to ‘sympathy’
08-11-2018 114
Gangdong-gu Office enacts ‘Ordinance for the Protection and Promotion of Labor Rights’$-Ordinance to become basis for labor rights center according to campaign pledge of the 7th popular election-- Mayor Lee Jung-hun pledges to create society where labor value and humans are honored
05-11-2018 121
Gangdong-gu to Produce 「A Happy Gangdong」BI for Administrative Goal of the 7th Popular Elections$-Embody people holding hands and express with hopeful, warm colors to use as various publicizations for four years-Gangdong-gu to hold calligraphy event in celebration of the BI production for administrative goal
31-10-2018 145
No More Radon Worries! Gangdong-gu to Lend Free Radon Measurement Device$-Gangdong-gu to lend free radon measurement devices for residents to measure the level of radon in their homes-- Solve resident uneasiness about radioactive substances and create a healthy, safe living environment
31-10-2018 159
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