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Gangdong-gu to start issuing a 2019 Munhwa Nuri Card.$-The subsidy amount per person is to be increased by 10,000 Won, from 70,000 to 80,000. -Affiliated stores will be expanded in areas that lack cultural facilities or areas in which many handicapped and elderly residents live to enhance the benefits of the service.
11-02-2019 200
Gangdong-gu is a safe district because it offers accident insurance for every resident.$-In case of accident or disaster, Gangdong-gu has implemented a social safety net in the form of accident insurance for all residents. -Residents can receive up to 10 million won per person in insurance coverage for eight different types of claim, and the coverage is effective even if they are already covered by another insurance plan.
11-02-2019 254
2019 New Welfare Information for Gangdong-gu Residents$-Gangdong-gu provides high school students with free school uniforms, households with four or more children with a special childbirth grant and scholarships for school entrance, and every resident with safety insurance. -These resident support policies will help make a Happy Gangdong.
28-01-2019 159
Gangdong-gu will carry out an administrative reorganization following the 7th popular elections$-Gangdong-gu wants to develop a beneficial cycle to distribute the fruit of economic growth to various causes, including welfare, health, and culture.-The Labor Rights Center opened last December and will focus on improving the economy, cultural assets, and the city’s brand.
03-01-2019 177
Get Gangdong-gu news on your mobile device!$- Gangdong-gu has overhauled its online culture portal by introducing a more responsive web design, and enhanced accessibility by providing a more optimized display for PCs and smart devices.
02-01-2019 180
Gangdong-gu shares happiness and awaits$-‘Hope ondol warm wintering’ campaign to be carried out by Feb. 19 next year-All donations to be used for neighbors in need
21-11-2018 164
Gangdong-gu improves walking environment for side streets of Amsa Road for residents’ safety$- Pedestrian-friendly environment created with priority street for pedestrians and the concept of‘Gangdong’s four-season’-- Vehicle speed restricted, traffic safety facilities installed, and coated-film packaging paved
21-11-2018 184
Gangdong-gu leads age of 4th Industrial Revolution with emphasis on coding education for ICT jobs$-‘Business agreement’ signed on Nov. 19 to help nurture talent-Makerspace created; coding and software eduction strengthened; job creation eyed
20-11-2018 166
Mayor shows strong will towards resumption of Amsa Green Road project$-Gangdong-gu Office to link Seoul Amsa-dong remains with Han River with the resumption of Amsa Green Road project-Task force formed and feasibility study will be carried out
19-11-2018 135
Gangdong-gu to install Sleeping Child Check on commuter buses of daycare centers to prevent accidents$-Device to be installed on 106 commuter buses by year’s end-Emergency horn sounds if driver fails to press bell to ensure safety of children even on the back seat
16-11-2018 166