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Gangdong-Gu News & Info
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The Economic Transformation of Promising Gangdong$-Gangdong-gu will Form the Residential Center of Eastern Seoul Through the Development of Densely Populated Complexes Around Subway Stations-- A Briefing on the Formulation of an Urban Management Plan for the Revitalization of the Functions of Areas Near Subway Stations-- Determining Targets for and Implementing Individual Projects in Areas near Subway Stations through an MOU with LH Corporation and SH Corporation
19-04-2019 156
Shelter for Deaf People Opens in Gangdong-gu$-Celebration of the Relocation of Gangdong-gu Sign Language Interpretation Center and the Opening of the Shelter for the Deaf on April 12 (Fri.)-One-stop Support Regarding Counseling, Information, Culture, and Education for the Deaf Suffering Difficulties in Communication
10-04-2019 183
Gangdong-gu Secures Budget of KRW 400 Million for Seoul’s Environmental Policy Projects$-Two Areas: Special Project to Reduce Particulate Matter & Project for the Promotion of Energy Efficiency in Facilities Used by the Elderly and Children-Best Efforts to be Made for Implementing Environmental Policy to Prompt Positive Response from Local Residents
09-04-2019 163
The Beginning of Senior Citizens’ “Second Lives” with the Launch of the Senior Citizen Employment Project$-- Gangdong-gu provides 3,150 jobs to senior citizens, with the largest ever budget of KRW 9 billion-- Participating facilities pledge to operate the project efficiently and contribute to the enhancement of the elderly’s quality of life at the launching ceremony on March 18
19-03-2019 156
Haenaem Center for Young People Helps Local Entrepreneurs Take Their First Steps$-One-Stop service support for business startups including counseling, mentoring, professional training, and networking -A business start-up mecca for developing young entrepreneurs
18-03-2019 178
Volunteers Offering Help by Responding to Requests for Various Civil Services$-Operation of “The Happy Civil Service Helper”in Gangdong-gu, a volunteer group for civil service guidance-Team of volunteers composed of retirees with rich life experience provide assistance by responding to civil service requests, including help with automatic certificate issuance machine use
15-03-2019 168
A Smart Way to Maintain Good Health with a Mobile Application$-Gangdong-gu Public Health Center recruits 100 individuals to participate in Mobile Healthcare Project-Individualized healthcare and support for metabolic syndrome care in a“Smart Era”
15-03-2019 152
Easy and Fun Volunteer Programs for Young People$-Gangdong-gu beings offering volunteer programs for elementary, middle, and high school students this month-Various programs, such as the School Youth Volunteer Training, Saturday Program, etc.
08-03-2019 201
romotion of Monetary Compensation System for Collection of Illegal Advertising Materials to Improve City Aesthetics$-Implementation starting in March, for the removal of illegal advertising materials such as posters, leaflets, banners, etc., in streets and alleys-Positive feedback with provision of work to senior citizens and creating a pleasant urban environment
07-03-2019 165
The Green Parking Project to Solve Parking Problems in Gangdong-gu$-Subsidy of KRW 9 million offered to each parking lot, an increase of KRW 0.5 Million more than last year-Other various projects to solve parking space shortages, such as the creation of parking areas on unused small plots and the opening of nighttime parking lots
06-03-2019 161