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Come to a cooling center in Gangdong-gu when your’e tired of the heat$-“Cooling centers” increased to 251 locations including Gangdong-gu, senior citizen centers, community service centers, and cultural facilities-Extended and nighttime cooling centers to be in operation to minimize heat wave damage on inhabitants
08-07-2019 200
Gangdong-gu posts information on 'outdoor advertising agencies' on website$-Designed to prevent damage arising from illegal billboards-Will seek to respond to advertising demand from small business owners swiftly and revitalize local economy
04-07-2019 185
Gangdong-gu Starts Free Distribution of Eco-friendly EM Fermented Solution$-High accessibility for residents by installing EM distributor on the first floor of the Seongan Annex of the Gangdong-gu Office.-EM solution will contribute to the construction of an eco-friendly life environment such as through stink reduction, virus prevention and by being used as a fertilizer in vegetable gardens.
17-06-2019 168
Gangdong-gu Pilots Dispenser That Replaces Recyclable Waste with Money$-Starting in June, Gangdong-gu operates Nephron, an AI Recyclable Waste Collector-Expecting an improved collection rate based on proper separation of waste
04-06-2019 176
Gangdong-gu Lays a Cornerstone for Residents’ Self-government Based on Private-Public Joint Governance$-13 projects conceived by residents to be run, with the strong financial support of KRW 300 million secured from the budget of Seoul-- Private-public joint governance strengthening the self-government ability of residents and achieving district politics innovation
03-06-2019 167
Eco-friendly and Open Gangdong-gu Office Building Receives Gold Stevie Award$-- Gangdong-gu became the recipient of an Oscar in the field of business with its “Green Renovation Got Everything”-- Aiming to make “A Happy Gangdong” with open administration together with residents
01-06-2019 171
One-Click from Home to Issue English Disability Certificate$-Online issuance available on Government 24, the portal site for comprehensive administrative services-Gangdong-gu promotes the use of the services by the disabled, anticipating improvement of accessibility to public services for disadvantaged groups.
27-05-2019 160
Smart Gangdong to Save Residents’ Lives and Reduce GHG Emission$-Improvement of residents’ lives based on IoT, the latest ICT-- Enhancement of project efficiency and residents’ satisfaction through the installation of solar panels and the establishment of a town for women’s happiness and wellbeing
09-05-2019 154
Supporting Abandoned Animal Adoption Costs $-Gangdong-gu Supports up to KRW 100,000 per Animal for a Total of 150 Animals-For People who Adopt an Abandoned Animal from a Local Animal Shelter-- Supporting 50 Percent of the Cost for Disease Diagnosis, Treatment, Vaccination, Neutering or Spaying Operations, Etc
03-05-2019 161
Gangdong-gu Earns the Highest Grade in Manifesto Evaluation$-SA Grade (The Highest Grade) in an Evaluation Involving 266 Local Governments from throughout the Nation-- Acknowledged for the Effectiveness and Feasibility of Pledges from the 7th Popular Election and its Systematic Practice of Processes
29-04-2019 178