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Gangdong-gu wins the Excellent Award at the 8th Korea Knowledge Awards$-The Excellent Award is given to districts that solved current issues through knowledge administration-Establishment of work-related knowledge sharing and cooperation system, and excellent urban regeneration cases such as Gangpul Cartoon Mural Alley, and etc.
28-09-2019 173
Gangdong-gu opens the first district-operated support center for mobile workers$-On the 17th (Tuesday), the district is opening a support center for moving workers who are vulnerable to poor working conditions-The center has spaces designated for mobile workers working in substitute driver service, express delivery service, application-based delivery service, and home-study service industries
09-09-2019 192
Kang Full Cartoon Alley becomes 'pedestrian-friendly cultural street' $-Kang Full Cartoon Alley in Seongnae-dong designated as area to be renovated in 2020 by Seoul City-Projects include creating peculiar streetscape, improving pedestrian environment and linking nearby specialized streets
16-08-2019 748
‘Statue of Peace' erected in front yard of Gangdong-gu Office$-Unveiling ceremony to take place on Aug. 14-Statue of a girl resembling the youth in Gangdong will deliver hope to future generations
13-08-2019 229
In era of 100,000 volunteers, Gangdong-gu expands and relocates volunteer center4-Equipped with customized education hall, small lecture and club rooms over 324 square meters-Will beef up hub role to promote volunteer service
30-07-2019 199
Gangdong-gu Wins grand prize in 2019 Manifesto Competition$-Excellent urban regeneration cases being praised, including the establishment of Seongnae Eoulteo-Problems in rapid urbanization solved through revitalization of communities, integrating generations
27-07-2019 171
Gangdong Pre-Historic Culture Festival wins 2019 Pinnacle Awards$-Gangdong wins 2 prizes in Korea competition on July 18: special program and printed ad-Praised for street parade and ad poster design, the festival's highlights$- Gangdong wins 2 prizes in Korea competition on July 18: special program and printed ad-Praised for street parade and ad poster design, the festival's highlights
19-07-2019 181
Waterscape facilities in Gangdong-gu in full operation amid heat wave$-14 facilities in parks to be run until late August-Deployment of safety guards and regular water examination create environment for playing in the water safely
17-07-2019 162
Gangdong-gu wins 2019 Korea Pet Culture Award$-Only local government to win award at the Korea Press Center on July 17-Gangdong-gu selected for contributing to the development of local pet culture
17-07-2019 202
Leading future growth by combining “smart innovation” and “convergent development”$-Gangdong-gu conducts reorganization to establish infrastructure for 550,000 residents in 2024-- Smart City TF and teams for future growth strategy and rivers created to narrow regional and class gaps and make Gangdong happy together by looking at people's lives from various angles
10-07-2019 177