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Gangdong-Gu News & Info
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Waterscape facilities in Gangdong-gu in full operation amid heat wave$-14 facilities in parks to be run until late August-Deployment of safety guards and regular water examination create environment for playing in the water safely
17-07-2019 132
Gangdong-gu wins 2019 Korea Pet Culture Award$-Only local government to win award at the Korea Press Center on July 17-Gangdong-gu selected for contributing to the development of local pet culture
17-07-2019 172
Leading future growth by combining “smart innovation” and “convergent development”$-Gangdong-gu conducts reorganization to establish infrastructure for 550,000 residents in 2024-- Smart City TF and teams for future growth strategy and rivers created to narrow regional and class gaps and make Gangdong happy together by looking at people's lives from various angles
10-07-2019 143
Come to a cooling center in Gangdong-gu when your’e tired of the heat$-“Cooling centers” increased to 251 locations including Gangdong-gu, senior citizen centers, community service centers, and cultural facilities-Extended and nighttime cooling centers to be in operation to minimize heat wave damage on inhabitants
08-07-2019 169
Gangdong-gu posts information on 'outdoor advertising agencies' on website$-Designed to prevent damage arising from illegal billboards-Will seek to respond to advertising demand from small business owners swiftly and revitalize local economy
04-07-2019 152
Gangdong-gu Starts Free Distribution of Eco-friendly EM Fermented Solution$-High accessibility for residents by installing EM distributor on the first floor of the Seongan Annex of the Gangdong-gu Office.-EM solution will contribute to the construction of an eco-friendly life environment such as through stink reduction, virus prevention and by being used as a fertilizer in vegetable gardens.
17-06-2019 140
Gangdong-gu Pilots Dispenser That Replaces Recyclable Waste with Money$-Starting in June, Gangdong-gu operates Nephron, an AI Recyclable Waste Collector-Expecting an improved collection rate based on proper separation of waste
04-06-2019 143
Gangdong-gu Lays a Cornerstone for Residents’ Self-government Based on Private-Public Joint Governance$-13 projects conceived by residents to be run, with the strong financial support of KRW 300 million secured from the budget of Seoul-- Private-public joint governance strengthening the self-government ability of residents and achieving district politics innovation
03-06-2019 135
Eco-friendly and Open Gangdong-gu Office Building Receives Gold Stevie Award$-- Gangdong-gu became the recipient of an Oscar in the field of business with its “Green Renovation Got Everything”-- Aiming to make “A Happy Gangdong” with open administration together with residents
01-06-2019 138
One-Click from Home to Issue English Disability Certificate$-Online issuance available on Government 24, the portal site for comprehensive administrative services-Gangdong-gu promotes the use of the services by the disabled, anticipating improvement of accessibility to public services for disadvantaged groups.
27-05-2019 124
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