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Gangdong-gu Supports Installation of the RFID Volume-based Machine for Food Waste$-Voluntary reduction of food waste with the RFID volume-based machine, formation of pleasant residential environments-Anticipation for food waste management and improvement at apartment houses and general residential areas
06-03-2020 195
Gangdong-gu Achieves Maximum Contributions for the 2020 Hope Ondol Warm Wintering Project$-Attained contributions of KRW 1.619 billion--129.5% more than the goal amount of KRW 1.25 billion-- Further donations included masks and hand sanitizers for the vulnerable class to prevent COVID-19 infections-Money raised to be used to support neighbors in need with living, medical, and educational expenses
28-02-2020 230
Full-scale Promotion of the Gangdong Advanced Complex Government Office Building (Myeongil 1(il)-dong) Development$-Gangdong-gu concludes MOU with Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation for smooth project promotion-Plans for financial reduction, expansion of public facilities and SOCs, and creation of parking lots through complex development
27-02-2020 187
Gangdong-gu Enforces First 'Resident Bicycle Insurance'$-nsurance available to all residents, financial support for bicycle accidents available for all insured individuals starting March-Reinforced safety net with up to KRW 10 million for deaths or aftermaths, injury bonuses, etc.
26-02-2020 192
Gangdong-gu Haegong Senior Welfare Center Receives 'Excellence' in Social Service Quality Evaluation$-Selected an excellent institution with a high score in the Senior Care General Service category-- Presented customized programs for the elderly for spirited and worthwhile remaining years
25-02-2020 191
For a Lively Old Age! Gangdong-gu Embarks on This Year’s Elderly Employment Project$-Largest ever budget of KRW 11 billion to provide jobs to 3,277 senior citizens-- Total of 49 high-quality employment programs to enhance the elderly’s quality of life through social activities
31-01-2020 245
Gangdong, an Educational City with Equal Opportunities for All$-Gangdong-gu to invest KRW 11.7 billion in support for life-centered education-- Various projects to be carried out in 10 major areas including the expansion of free school uniforms and school meal service and the improvement of the educational environment
29-01-2020 231
Gangdong-gu Rated Top in the Settlement of Civil Petitions for Grievances for Three Consecutive Years$-- Gained the top grade with the total score 24 points higher than the national average in 2019-- Highly evaluated in the activation of the local ombudsman system and efforts to settle civil complaints caused by intergroup conflicts
21-01-2020 218
Easily Get a Copy of Your Family Relation Certificate in English!$-Gangdong-gu began to issue family relation certificates in English from December 27, 2019-- Expected to make it easier to prove family relations abroad for studying and working abroad and international marriages
16-01-2020 228
Gangdong-gu Drawing Attention with the Gangdong-gu Big Data Portal System$-- Gangdong-gu's Office professional staff succeeded in the development of the system, saving hundreds of millions in costs.-After the test operation, the system will be applied to the district website starting this month.
06-01-2020 210