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Gangdong-Gu News & Info
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Gangdong-gu Selected as Autonomous District to Operate "Eco-Friendly Childcare Centers"$-Gangdong-gu will select five eco-friendly childcare centers for operation starting June-Creation of a nature-, play-, and child-centered nurturing environment that differs from the existing childcare curriculum
27-05-2020 212
Gangdong-gu Awarded for Excellence in Practice of Pledges in the Manifesto Evaluation for 3rd Consecutive Year$-Acquired excellency (SA) grade in evaluation on the execution of pledges by local government heads and information sharing-Awarded for excellence for 3rd consecutive year following plans to practice pledges made at the 7th local elections and the competition between excellent cases
27-05-2020 197
Gangdong-gu’s Ice Pack Recycling System Selected as Excellent Case of Innovative Administration$-Voted #1 on a national online survey, demonstrating high sensibility towards residents and potential for expansion-Produces reduction of 45.4 tons of waste; in the process of expanding as a national benchmark
26-05-2020 215
Gangdong-gu Public Haegong Daycare Center Given "A for Excellence" in Evaluation of Long-term Care Insurance$-Received A for Excellence in the 2019 Regular Evaluation of Long-term Care Insurance for 24-hour care facilities
20-05-2020 178
“Honest Gangdong, Trusted Gangdong” Selected as Honesty Catchphrase$-Honest Gangdong's catchphrase suggested and selected by employees containing determination of public officials to remain honest-Formation of an honest Gangdong with inspired integrity, creation of an honest culture, operation of honest systems, realization of an honest environment
15-05-2020 202
Gangdong-gu Introduces First "Untact Dementia Treatment System" in Seoul$-Implementation of the "remote dementia screenings" in response to COVID-19; untact treatment with visiting nursing services-Anticipation of minimized gap in dementia care with long-term closure of Center for Dementia
13-05-2020 494
Let’s Overcome COVID-19 Together!$-Gangdong-gu shares side dishes with vulnerable groups at the Seongnae Social Welfare Center-District campaigns to revitalize traditional markets stagnant due to COVID-19
30-04-2020 256
Commencement of Research Services for Establishment of Smart City Gangdong Masterplan$-Mid- and long-term roadmap for development to be established from 2021-2025 for yearly, step-by-step advancement-Professor Lee Jae-seung of the Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies commissioned as Head of Smart City Planning
29-04-2020 228
Gangdong-gu SingSing-Dream Selected as Excellent Local Food Market$-Selected as an “Excellent Farmers’ Market 2019” by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs-Popular as venue that provides safe food for residents and stable market for eco-friendly farms
27-04-2020 226
Automatic Civil Document Issuance Machines Made Easier with Card Payments!$-Gangdong-gu offers easy payment service of automatic civil document issuance machines with credit card and mobile payments-Improved customer convenience with diversified payment options for issuance of civil documents
22-04-2020 229