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Gangdong-gu Wins the Trade, Inudstry and Energy Minister Award for Regional Industry Promotion$-“3 heart project” credited for activating regional economy-Transformed into a people-centered, self-sufficient industrial complexes to boost job creation and cause economic ripple effects
08-09-2020 270
Gangdong-gu’s Signature Campaign to Attract GTX-D Exceeds 100K$-Residents aspire to attract GTX-D route linking western part of capital area to Gangdong and Hanam-Signature papers of 100,000 residents and GTX-D route plan delivered to Seoul Metropolitan Government and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
31-08-2020 262
Gangdong-gu Reopens the User-Centered GBP$-Gangdong-gu rearranged user-centered contents and reflected the latest web design trend in the GBP-- Redesigned by an official at the Gangdong-gu Office with expertise, saving hundreds of millions of won for development costs
07-08-2020 269
Mosquito Repellent Air Fresheners Made out of Ice Packs to Share Love$-A project part of Resource Circulation Education Program for Schools-Delivered 400 mosquito repellent air fresheners to the underprivileged and checked their safety for summer
04-08-2020 241
Encounter Future Agriculture at the Urban Agriculture Platform of Gangdong-gu, "Farmix Center"$-Installed smart farm at the Farmix Center-Automatic management of the farm environment using smart technology and experiencing the future urban agriculture
29-07-2020 430
Gangdong-gu Issues Prepaid Local Card “Gangdong Bitsal Money”$-On July 30, Gangdong-gu issued a prepaid local card for the first time in Seoul-- The reloadable prepaid local card provides convenience even for those who have difficulty using cell phones!
28-07-2020 249
Gangdong-gu to Replace Outdated Streetlights in Cheongho-dong with LED for Night Safety$-Plans to install LED security lights in the residential areas of Cheongho 1-dong and 3-dong-To replace 275 streetlights to make Gangdong-gu a safer place
27-07-2020 270
Gangdong-gu Increases its Support for Repair of Mobility Aids for the Disabled$-Gangdong-gu and Carpos Gangdong-gu Branch sign an agreement for repair of mobility aids for the disabled-They plan to increase their support for the repair to ensure the right of mobility of the disabled and to enhance their convenience
21-07-2020 228
Gangdong-gu Selected as "Innovation Champion" for Its Reusable Ice Pack Collection System$-Selected as an excellent case for the 2020 Innovative Case Project for Local Residents by MOIS-Won Innovation Champion Certificate and Belt; Introduces the system all over the country
17-07-2020 251
Gangdong-gu Makes Face Mask Lanyards for Children$-Gangdong-gu makes and distributes 1,000 face mask lanyards for COVID-19 prevention-- The project was carried out to prevent loss or leaving behind of face masks
16-07-2020 236