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Gangdong-gu Increases its Support for Repair of Mobility Aids for the Disabled$-Gangdong-gu and Carpos Gangdong-gu Branch sign an agreement for repair of mobility aids for the disabled-They plan to increase their support for the repair to ensure the right of mobility of the disabled and to enhance their convenience
21-07-2020 207
Gangdong-gu Selected as "Innovation Champion" for Its Reusable Ice Pack Collection System$-Selected as an excellent case for the 2020 Innovative Case Project for Local Residents by MOIS-Won Innovation Champion Certificate and Belt; Introduces the system all over the country
17-07-2020 231
Gangdong-gu Makes Face Mask Lanyards for Children$-Gangdong-gu makes and distributes 1,000 face mask lanyards for COVID-19 prevention-- The project was carried out to prevent loss or leaving behind of face masks
16-07-2020 215
Gangdong-gu Protects the Residents' Mental Health from COVID-19$-Psychological support for residents suffering from COVID-19-Bean sprout growing kit, mental care for those is self-quarantine, mental health checkup, counseling, etc.
16-07-2020 232
Kang Full Cartoon Street Reborn as Starlight Street$-Gangdong-gu installs string lights on the side roads of the shopping district for pedestrians' safety and convenience-- Aims to improve the night view as part of the improvement project for the Kang Full Cartoon Street
06-07-2020 264
Gangdong-gu Publishes Braille Newsletter to Create a Kind World Read by the Fingers$-Publication of 250 copies of 60-page quarterly issues packed with information on welfare, administration, and living-Expected to enhance the right to know of the visually impaired and solve inequality of information sharing
12-06-2020 209
Gangdong-gu Wins at Korea Environmental Awards for Tenth Consecutive Year$-Gangdong-gu recognized for its merits and goal of environmental values; awarded in the category of urban agriculture for ten consecutive years -Expected to be a pioneer for the paradigm of new urban agriculture with “social values”
10-06-2020 207
Gangdong-gu Introduces Smart Waste Bins in Residential Areas$-Trial operation of 11 smart waste bins for general volume-based waste bags-Real-time provision of volume through installed sensor; improves efficiency of garbage collection and resident convenience-Efforts to realize advancement of cleaning administration following the leading enforcement of “weekly waste removal”
10-06-2020 273
Gangdong-gu Wins Excellence Award in the Category of Innovative Policy at Seoul Creativity Awards$-Gangdong-gu develops district’s exclusive big data portal that enhances accessibility to public data and convenience of use-Simple searches made possible with integrated management of 1.3 million pieces of data that were scattered by division
09-06-2020 205
Gangdong-gu Finds Solutions for Residents’ Health with Technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution$-Selected for Smart Solution Challenge Project organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport; secures KRW 300 million in government funding-Untact fever screening using robots and construction of an IoT air shower system using AI
04-06-2020 225