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Gangdong-gu Confirmed to be Included in the GTX-D RouteUnder MOLIT's 2nd GTX Plan


Gangdong-gu Confirmed to be Included in 

the GTX-D Route Under MOLIT's 2nd Plan

- On the 25th, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(MOLIT) announced that Gangdong-gu would be included in the GTX-D route during the town hall meeting presided by the President 

- The head of Gangdong-gu reaped the fruits of efforts to attract the route through a talk with the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

- The inclusion is anticipated to greatly contribute to improved accessibility to Gangnam-gu and becoming a transportation hub for the Eastern metropolitan area

On the 25th, the Gangdong-gu Provincial Government (Head: Lee Soo-hee) announced that Gangdong-gu's inclusion in the GTX-D route was reflected in the 2nd GTX plan during the town hall meeting chaired by the President of Korea. The event was held under the theme of solving a gap in transportation by shortening the commute to 30 minutes.

  The 2nd GTX plan of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) is designed to promote the extended GTX-A, B and C routes as well as the new GTX-D, E and F routes. It specifies origins, destinations, key transfer stations, and more by route.

  The GTX-D route is in a “double Y” shape that connects Gimpo and Incheon to Paldang and Wonju. Simply, it is a route that connects the Gimpo and Incheon International Airport Stations at Daejang junction with the Paldang and Wonju Stations at Samseong junction. The GTX-D route passes through Samseong and Jamsil Stations and leads to Gangdong, Gyosan, and Paldang.

  The Korean government reflected the 2nd GTX plan in its 5th National Railroad Network Plan and promoted the opening by section (phase 1 and 2) to accelerate the commencement. The plan is to complete the preliminary feasibility survey for phase 1 in which Gangdong-gu is included, before the term of the Yoon Suk-yeol administration expires. Phase 1 is scheduled to be completed by 2035.

  Once this project ends, it is anticipated that Gangdong-gu will gain improved accessibility to major downtowns, including Gangnam-gu, and become a hub of transportation, economy, and culture in the metropolitan area. Gangdong-gu will serve as a gateway that connects downtowns in Seoul with major new cities, such as Guri, Hanam, and Namyangju, in the eastern part of Gyeonggi-do.

  So far, Gangdong-gu has endeavored to expand its transportation network in order to meet the traffic demand that has significantly increased due to large-scale reconstruction, redevelopment, and industrial complexes. In particular, with the expansion of subway lines 5, 8, and 9 to nearby new towns, Gangdong-gu has devoted itself to expand its transportation network by attracting the GTX-D route. It intends to prevent the traffic congestion from being aggravated as illustrated in the Gimpo Goldline.

  Gangdong-gu proved the economic feasibility and validity of the GTX-D route by commissioning the research service and has continued to discuss with the organizations concerned, including MOLIT, the Korea Transport Institute, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

  In particular, the head of Gangdong-gu Lee Soo-hee has emphasized the need for the inclusion of Gangdong-gu in GTX-D since the previous Presidential Transition Committee meetings. Recently, she strongly recommended such need to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. 

  In line with the government's announcement, Gangdong-gu will examine an optimal way, in which GTX-D would become a hub of local development where more residents could enjoy its benefits in terms of local economy, urban plan, and symbolic value. Gangdong-gu will also continue discussions with relevant organizations, including MOLIT.

  “I would like to express gratitude to our residents for their support and MOLIT for its efforts to establish the GTX plan. We will do our utmost to rise as a hub of the Eastern metropolitan area, as solving numerous transportation issues at hand by directly connecting subway line 5, extending subway line 9, and increasing the number of buses, which are some of our plans to date,” said Lee Soo-Hee, the head of Gangdong-gu.


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Lee Soo-hee, the head of Gangdong-gu

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