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‘Making your house more spacious’ project for young single-person households


‘Making your house more spacious’ project for young single-person households

- Living environment improvement project for young single-person households to make their house more spacious through organizing and space consulting

-Providing trainings on how to use tools and build DIY furniture to help decorate and repair house easily

For young people living alone in a so-called one room, meaning a small studio apartment, they may have an experience of feeling uncomfortable due to the small living space or insufficient storage, or facing difficulties in fixing a broken wash basin.


In an effort to resolve such concerns of young single-person household, Gangdong-gu (head: Lee Soo-hee) has prepared a project titled “making your house more spacious” to improve their living environment.


This project largely consists of two programs including (a) “Making my house more spacious” that provides organizing and space consulting services to help the participants build their ability to use space, and (b) “Training on renovating my house by myself” that helps the participants learn how to decorate and repair their house.


As for the “Making my house more spacious” program, two storage and organization experts visit the house of applicant and provide consulting services for space design and organization for efficient use of space. Professional experts will be together at the house of applicant from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. to organize things and provide useful tips. Young people living alone in a house with a rental of KRW 250 million below among those who belong to 120% below median income are eligible to apply for the project. Gangdong-gu plans to support 30 households this year as a pilot project.


“Training on renovating my house by myself” program will be conducted three times in total and each session will have 15 participants. Young people who live alone in Gangdong-gu can apply for the program. Each session has unique theme such as how to organize and store items, how to use tools, and how to build my own furniture with DIY kits. Participants will get to increase their ability to deal with minor issues that may occur at home by themselves.


This project is particularly meaningful in that the members of Merchant Association of Cheonho Tool Street and Angel Workshop owners serve as lecturers to support self-sufficiency of young single-person household with the specialized street project of Gangdong-gu. Thus, it is expected to contribute to revitalizing local businesses and boosting synergy effect of the two programs.


The application of “Training on renovating my house by myself” and “Making my house more spacious” programs begin on Aug. 29 and Sep. 5, respectively. Anyone who are interested in the programs may submit their application via Gangdong-gu Office website → News & Info or by phone (Gangdong single-person household support center).


Lee Soo-hee, head of Gangdong-gu, said, “We hope that this project can help the improvement of living environment of young single-person households so that young people can settle down and actively participate in the activities of Gangdong-gu. We have also prepared many programs to support single-person households through Gangdong Single-Person Household Support Center. We look forward to your active participation and continued interest.”