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Gangdong-gu has declared its 8th popularly elected government’s administrative goal


Gangdong-gu's 8th popularly elected government’s administrative goal: ‘Powerful Change for a Proud Gangdong-gu’

- The administrative goal, guidelines and slogan have been confirmed reflecting the commitment of Lee Soo-hee, head of Gangdong-gu Office

- Conveying a message of making Gangdong-gu proud and the best region to live by making a powerful change

- Built a consensus on its administrative directions by holding a contest among residents and employees

Gangdong-gu has declared its 8th popularly elected government’s administrative goal — “Powerful Change for a Proud Gangdong-gu.”

Gangdong-gu has officially announced on the 1st that “Powerful Change for a Proud Gangdong-gu” is its administrative goal reflecting its 8th popularly elected government’s vision, administrative direction and philosophy. Conveying a message of making “Gangdong proud and the best region to live” through innovation and communication with residents, it demonstrates a strong commitment of Lee Soo-hee, the newly elected head of Gangdong-gu.

The administrative goal will be carried out with four guidelines: (i) fairness and innovation; (ii) responsibility and integrity; (iii) communication and inclusiveness; and (iv) autonomy and creativity. It aims at leading innovation through creative administration in an environment where autonomy is guaranteed with responsibility and integrity pursued as the highest value among public officials, while implementing inclusive policies in communication with residents with a fair approach.

The administrative slogan has been selected as “making Gangdong-gu a new and exciting place” with the will of making Gangdong-gu a new place where residents live happily.

Previously, Gangdong-gu has held a contest to pick the 8th administrative government’s goal, guidelines and slogan among employees and residents from June 7 to 20, aiming to set the administrative directions all together. At the contest, a total of 179 residents have participated, showing people’s interest and expectations for the administrative goals of the newly-launched 8th popularly elected government.

Lee Soo-hee, head of Gangdong-gu, said, “The 8th popularly elected government will open a new era for Gangdong-gu”, adding that “I will do my best to make Gangdong-gu more attractive and revived to make sure that residents feel proud to live in, keeping in mind that residents’ desire for a change has led me to this position.”

Gangdong-gu plans to develop a brand image of the 8th popularly elected government and use in diverse promotion campaigns upon making the public announcement of the framework objective of the administration.