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Gangdong-gu Operates


Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) has developed "Smart Integrated Platform: Gangdong-gu at a Glance" by integrating the district’s administrative data that was dispersed, and combining it with various information from internal and external sources and information and communication technology (ICT). Its operation began in earnest since April.


The "Gangdong at a Glance" is a 3.7-meter-wide and 1.5-meter-tall large multi-screen installed in the Mayor's office on the 3rd floor of Gangdong-gu Office. It is a smart integrated platform that encompasses various administrative information including CCTV, traffic information, fire stations, and Korea Meteorological Administration.


The district officers can touch the screen to see more detailed information. The main screen which shows Gangdong-gu at a glance displays 7 sections including the real-time status of the district, life map, the status of district administration, election pledges and major project, and public opinion trends.


In particular, the "Real-time status of the district" displays the COVID-19 status and other integrated data to show the real-time status of disasters, traffic, air quality, and more. This acts as a disaster control tower that can protect the district residents from various types of disasters by staying connected to the site when fire, emergency, quarantine, etc. occurs.


In addition, the "Status of District Administration" shows quantified figures and visualized charts for 60 indicators of the district. The "Election Pledges and Major Projects" section shows the status of progress and completion rate for each pledge made in the 7th popular election as well as major indicators related to key projects to follow through the promises made with the district residents.


In addition to this, Gangdong-gu was the first autonomous district in Seoul to integrate a solar power monitoring system to the smart integration platform to monitor solar panels installed throughout the district in real time. The platform was also developed to connect to the local finance system and general tax/non-tax income system to manage the financial status of the district in real time.


Above all, Gangdong-gu established a system through which the compiled information can be shared with the district employees so that all employees can frequently check the district’s objective and status, and actively participate in the administration.


Mayor Lee stated, “Through the establishment of the smart integration platform, we will accelerate the fulfillment of our policy to increase our residents’ quality of life using timely and accurate data.”


Meanwhile, through this project, Gangdong-gu extracted 186 types of data from all internal and external systems available, and established automatic synchronization for 80% of the data, building a foundation to provide high-quality services that are accurate and timely while reducing the burden associated with collecting and managing data.



Smart Integration Platform photo1

Smart Integration Platform

Smart Integration Platform photo2

Smart Integration Platform