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Gangdong-gu Establishes Master Planfor Smart and Green City Gangdong-type Digital New Deal applied to determine the Big 5 directions, 13 initiatives, and 37 projects Quality of life expected to be enhanced with the Smart City Service Project


Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) established a master plan for the formation of a smart city for the safety of residents and to resolve urban issues by applying information and communications technology along with the government’s New Deal policy.


Gangdong-gu held the “Conference on Action Plans for Smart City Service Projects” on March 29 with Mayor Lee Jung-hun and 27 representatives of the Project Task Forces in attendance. Based on the master plan established during this conference, the formation of a sustainable smart and green city is about to kick off at last.


This conference, held under the vision of “Embracing urban development, smart and green Gangdong,” proposed the Big 5 Directions including “Sustainable low-carbon urban-type ecological city,” “Welfare city for all,” “Data-based city that develops with citizens,” “User-focused transportation/safe city,” and “Gangdong-type digital new deal,” along with 13 initiatives and 37 smart city service projects as a goal.


Gangdong-gu has earlier introduced the “smart clothing collector” applying IoT technology and conducted a smart education program utilizing the pet robot “Liku,” allowing residents to experience the benefits of digital technology.


Moreover, it installed a digital notice board in a densely populated area within the region to promote regional communication as well as a smart library where residents can check out and return books any time at their convenience; thus establishing services closely related to the everyday lives of the residents.


“Smart city is an innovative space that fundamentally changes the lives of residents. To resolve urban issues and create a smart city that residents can actually benefit from, we will actively discover new services and promote related projects,” Mayor Lee Jung-hun said.


Meanwhile, Gangdong-gu plans to revise its quarterly activities on smart city service projects and operate a research club consisting of employees to enhance the members’ understanding of smart city and share work-related ideas.



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Smart and Green City

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Smart and Green City