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Gangdong-gu Establishes Quick Response System for Gas Safety - Utilized social media (NAVER Band) to prepare quick reporting system in case of gas accident - Gangdong Gas Safety Keepers formed by staffs and safety managers from 5 agencies and 15 work sites


 Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) has established a reporting system for quick initial responses in case of gas accidents by utilizing social media (NAVER Band).


  In February this year, the district opened a NAVER Band named "Gangdong Gas Safety Keepers" and completed a month-long test operation before officially launching in March.

  "Gangdong Gas Safety Keepers" is a Band opened with the goal of shaping up initial response methods and activating quick group response measures in case of emergency. It is formed by 40 staffs and safety managers in charge of gas safety sites from five agencies (Gangdong-gu District Office, Gangdong Fire Station, Korea Gas Safety Corporation Seoul Regional Headquarters, Ko One Energy Service Co., Ltd., and Korea LPG Association Gangdong Branch) and 15 work sites (four LPG filling stations, one LPG sales unit, one CNG filling station, two high-pressure gas filling and sales stations, and seven high-pressure gas storages).

  The Safety Keepers share the on-site conditions and photos at real time via social media in case a gas accident occurs to quickly set up a group response system in the early stage of the accident. When an emergency situation such as a cold or heat wave warning occurs, it orders urgent inspection of facilities and confirms the inspection results at real time.

  In addition, it will provide the latest amendments on laws and utilize the system as a window for communication that helps improve the level of competency by sharing the information tailored to the sites of the gas industry.

  Mayor Lee stated, "Gangdong Gas Safety Keepers will significantly shorten the initial responses in early stages of accidents through real-time, two-way communication to minimize the damages inflicted upon our residents, thus becoming an effective measure for the residents' safety.”