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Gangdong-gu Operates Visiting Welfare Counseling Center. Opening of online counseling center, operation of systematic counseling center in response of COVID-19. Construction of tightly woven welfare safety net with reinforced one-on-one visiting counseling for at-risk households


 Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) will operate the "Visiting Welfare Counseling Center" to discover at-risk households in welfare blind spots and to offer support for systematic and customized welfare services.


 The "Visiting Welfare Counseling Center" offers visits by individuals associated with welfare, such as public officials in charge of welfare, counselors of employment support centers, and residential welfare counselors, who provide on-site consultations and information on welfare.  


 Last year, the district operated the on-site counseling centers once a week at Cheonho Station and Gubeundari Station and provided 37 cases of consultations and welfare services regarding employment and housing. However, due to the spread of COVID-19, operating on-site centers became difficult during the latter half of the year, and one-on-one visiting consultations and support with lunchboxes and donations were presented to eight at-risk households.


 This year, the district will systematically operate the "Visiting Welfare Counseling Center" in response to the COVID-19 crisis. In observance of the social distancing levels, the "on-site subway station counseling center" and "visiting consultations for at-risk households" will both be promoted, and a window for untact consultations on welfare through the online counseling center, "Onbokjirang" will be arranged.  


 Visiting consultations for at-risk households will be conducted once a month for basic income recipient households comprised of individuals incapable of working, such as seniors or the disabled. The goal of the visits is to grasp the degree of risk in the early stages and offer welfare services as means of constructing a tightly woven welfare safety net. 


 Mayor Lee Jung-hun stated, “The Visiting Welfare Counseling Center is a customized welfare service for residents in blind spots who are in critical situations due to the prolonged COVID-19 crisis. The center will visit residents to solve the problems of welfare blind spots and offer services as part of active welfare administration.”