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Participate in the Nutrition Plus Project for Healthy Mothers and Infants. Gangdong-gu recruits participants for "Nutrition Plus Project" for pregnant women and infants. Six-month education and consultation on nutrition; support for customized supplementary foods to improve nutritional imbalances


 Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) will recruit participants regularly for the "Nutrition Plus Project," a service that manages the health of pregnant women and infants. 


 "Nutrition Plus" is a project that solves problems such as anemia and nutritional imbalances of pregnant women and infants of vulnerable classes and helps improve dietary habits. 


 Eligible applicants include pregnant women, women who gave labor and are nursing, and infants (under 66 months of age at registration) with less than 80% of the standard average income per household who reside in Gangdong-gu. 


 A nutritional evaluation will be performed for physical measurements and state of nutrient intake. If risk factors, such as anemia or an underweight state, are discovered, the individual will be selected to be a participant in the project. Educationand consultation on nutrition, support for customized supplementary foods, and other services will be offered to participants for six months to improve their nutritional imbalances. 


 Participants will learn about balanced meals and nutrient intake through the monthly education on nutrition and will receive the supplementary food package (containing rice, potatoes, eggs, carrots, milk, etc.) two times a month for the intakeof essential nutrients. Participants who continue to display risk factors after participating in the service for six months will receive an extension of six more months to receive the benefits for up to one year.

 Mayor Lee Jung-hun stated, “After starting the Nutrition Plus Project in 2006, a total of 13,571 pregnant women and infants participated as of January of this year. The states of nutrients of a mother and child after childbirth heavily influencethe lifetime health of both individuals. We will do our best to create a healthy childcare environment by helping mothers and infants form proper eating habits and solve nutritional imbalances.”   

 Residents who wish to apply can contact the Nutrition Plus Room (☎+82-2-3425-6753/4) on the first floor of the Gangdong-gu Community Health Center or the I Mom Center (☎+82-2-3425-6881) on the second floor of the Gangil-dong Complex to make a reservation to visit. For more information, contact the Gangdong-gu Family Counseling Center (☎+82-2-3425-6697)