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Gangdong-gu Finds Solutions for Residents’ Health with Technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution$-Selected for Smart Solution Challenge Project organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport; secures KRW 300 million in government funding-Untact fever screening using robots and construction of an IoT air shower system using AI


Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung Hun) was selected for the “2020 Smart Solution Challenge Project” organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Korea Land and Housing Corporation (LH), securing KRW 300 million in government funding.

The Smart Solution Challenge will supply regions with state-of-the-art technologies that are appropriate for each region’s conditions and demands to solve urban problems related to residential living, such as transportation, environment, and safety, while constructing a model for various types of smart cities.

Gangdong-gu was selected for its suggestion of an “untact fever screening system using robots and construction of an IoT air shower system using AI.”

The “untact fever screening system” is a project that will be will be operated using mobile robots with fever detection devices which will be placed in community health centers and public facilities. The system will check for fevers using an “untact” method as means of measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. This will lessen the risk of infection spreading and reduce the burden of duties for public officials and medical teams who work in the field. The system will also prevent mass outbreaks, taking leading countermeasures against COVID-19, MERS, and other infectious diseases.

The “IoT air shower system using AI” will be installed with an “air shower gate” equipped with air purifiers and sanitizers at the entrances of libraries, social welfare centers, and other facilities frequented by children and elders. This project will block the inflow of ultra-fine particulate matter. The system will create indoor environments that are safe from the worsening ultra-fine particulate matter situation and collect and analyze air quality data around the clock to establish a model that can be used in all regions.

Mayor Lee Jung Hun stated, “As we have seen through the COVID-19 crisis, advanced technologies have been growing rapidly in the areas of the public, industry, and living. Through the Smart Solution Challenge Project, we will protect the health and safety of residents from infectious diseases and fine particulate matter, actively accept various smart technologies, and apply the technologies to our administration to enhance the convenience of residents.”

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