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Gangdong-gu Awarded for Excellence in Practice of Pledges in the Manifesto Evaluation for 3rd Consecutive Year$-Acquired excellency (SA) grade in evaluation on the execution of pledges by local government heads and information sharing-Awarded for excellence for 3rd consecutive year following plans to practice pledges made at the 7th local elections and the competition between excellent cases


On the 26th, Gangdong-gu announced that it acquired the top SA grade in the 「evaluation on the execution of pledges by a local government heads and information sharing」 organized by the Korea Manifesto Center.

This evaluation was conducted on the website of the national local autonomous districts regarding the execution of pledges by the local head of government, and scores were given in the five categories of completion of pledges, achievement of goals, communication with residents, online communication, and consistency in pledges. The results were classified into the five grades of SA, A, B, C, and D, and Gangdong-gu acquired the top grade of excellence (SA).

Gangdong-gu was awarded for excellence for the 3rd consecutive year with the evaluation of plans for practicing pledges made at the 7th local elections, Competition of Excellent Manifestos, and evaluation of the execution of pledges and information sharing. The district was evaluated as a local autonomous district that successfully fulfilled its pledges.

Mayor Lee Jung-hun of Gangdong-gu chose, "A happier Gangdong for everyone," as the administrative goal and led Gangdong-gu as a welfare city aiming towards becoming an economic city with a virtuous cycle of growth and distribution. This year, which is the third year of the 7th local elections, Mayor Lee executed 47 projects of the 71 projects he pledged, showing a fulfillment rate of 66%.

Mayor Lee Jung-hun’s first pledge regarding the "Labor Center" has been in operation since June of last year. The "Support Center for Traveling Laborers," a platform for traveling workers like parcel delivery people and drivers, opened last September to offer rest, education, and financial and legal advice as a center for integrated welfare. The two centers offer a safe employment environment for the growing number of workers and small businesses owners in the midst of growth into an economic city.

The "Godeok Industrial Complex" was given its new name, "Godeok Biz Valley," and is being constructed as a central city of industry and circulation in the eastern Metropolitan area through the securement of land for the opening of 38 excellent enterprises, including IKEA Korea.

The extension of Subway Line 5 is currently 91% completed and is scheduled to open this December, while the extension of Subway Line 8 is currently 38% completed and scheduled to open in 2023. The 4-phase project for Subway Line 9, which will extend the section that only runs up to VHS Medical Center Station to Godeok-Gangil District 1, is one of Gangdong-gu’s long-awaited subway projects with a basic plan that was approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. The district has secured KRW 640.8 billion in business expenses for this product.

Mayor Lee Jung-hun of Gangdong-gu commented, “With the acquisition of an SA grade in the Manifesto Evaluation for the Execution of Pledges, we feel a great sense of responsibility to realize our pledges. As pledges are ‘public contracts’ made with residents, we will continue to do our best to stay true to our original intentions and faithfully implement the promises we made.”

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  • An elder receiving remote dementia screening at home on May 12; Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) started the remote screenings which combines untact treatment with visiting nursing services to minimize the gap in dementia care resulting from COVID-19.

    Mayor Lee Jung-hun of Gangdong-gu

    Gangdong-gu District Office

    Gangdong-gu office building