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Gangdong-gu’s Ice Pack Recycling System Selected as Excellent Case of Innovative Administration$-Voted #1 on a national online survey, demonstrating high sensibility towards residents and potential for expansion-Produces reduction of 45.4 tons of waste; in the process of expanding as a national benchmark


Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) was selected for its ice pack recycling system project as an excellent case of a "support project for expanding innovative cases in residents’ lives" organized by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety. The "support project for expanding innovative cases in residents’ lives" is a project of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety that selects and supports cases among excellent innovative cases of autonomous districts that have potential for nationwide expansion.

Of the 444 excellent cases nationwide this year, 21 were selected as finalists through on-site inspections and a national online survey, and the Gangdong-gu ice pack recycling system was voted number 1 in the public-private cooperation category on the online survey, demonstrating high sensibility towards residents and potential for expansion.

With the increase in delivery of convenient meals and fresh foods, Gangdong-gu recognized the possibility for recycling ice packs that take up space in the refrigerators at home. This project underwent two trial operations last February and was officially launched after conclusion of an MOU, "Public-Private-Enterprise Agreement for Ice Pack Recycling" with Hyundai Home Shopping and the civil group, Environmental Owners & Citizens Group, in March.

The recycling collectors were installed in 18 locations, including community service centers, and the Environmental Owners & Citizens Group campaigned and disposed of the collected ice packs once a week. 70,151 ice packs were collected last year alone and waste was reduced by thirty-five tons. This year, the 20,829 ice packs were collected, reducing waste by 10.4 tons.

After Gangdong-gu began the ice pack recycling project, other autonomous districts throughout the nation inquired about the project, including Seongdong-gu, Seoul; Michuhol-gu, Incheon; and Jinju City, Gyeongsangnam-do Province. The project is continuing to be expanded nationally as a benchmark policy in 53 autonomous districts. Upon being selected as a project for expansion by the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Gangdong-gu will share its know-hows with other autonomous districts in hopes of introducing the ice pack recycling system.

Mayor Lee Jung-hun commented, “It is a joy to know that Gangdong-gu’s excellent innovation case has spread throughout the nation. We will continue to make an effort to spread social values based on participation and cooperation, and create and innovate to tangibly improve the quality of residents’ lives.”

Until last year, Hyundai Home Shopping collected ice packs monthly and washed them to provide institutions and hospitals in need of ice packs. However, starting this year, Gangdong-gu will supply six traditional markets within the jurisdiction with ice packs after completing sanitization by companies specializing in disinfection services. Ice packs will also be used as a part of projects in which children, students, and residents to take part, such as making air fresheners for resource circulation campaigns.

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    Mayor Lee Jung-hun of Gangdong-gu

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    Gangdong-gu ice pack recycling project