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“Honest Gangdong, Trusted Gangdong” Selected as Honesty Catchphrase$-Honest Gangdong's catchphrase suggested and selected by employees containing determination of public officials to remain honest-Formation of an honest Gangdong with inspired integrity, creation of an honest culture, operation of honest systems, realization of an honest environment


Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) revealed the new honest Gangdong catchphrase, "Honest Gangdong, Trusted Gangdong," containing the determination to actualize a transparent and trusted district government.

This catchphrase is more meaningful as it was suggested and selected by the employees of the district office. The district operated the "Honest Gangdong Catchphrase Contest" for district office employees from March 26 to April 7, and of the 71 catchphrases submitted, "Honest Gangdong, Trusted Gangdong" was selected the best catchphrase after evaluation by the judging committee and a survey taken amongst staff members.

Officer Lim Won-seok of the Flood Control Division made the suggestion and commented, “As a public official, the catchphrase encompasses our will to perform honest work and actualize a trusted administration with which residents can sympathize.”

The catchphrase that incorporates the honest will of the employees will be used by Gangdong-gu in various ways including on official documents and in publicity materials.

Furthermore, "Honest Talk Talk" broadcast will be operated on the first Wednesday of every odd numbered month. Mayor Lee Jung-hun made an appearance on this year’s first broadcast titled, "Equality and Trust," and executives of the district office will also appear in the broadcast to create an honest culture in which communication and consensus coexist.

Moreover, the district is in the process of preparing plans for a campaign for realizing an honest environment in a public society that pledges honesty, produces honest content, delivers letters of integrity, and more.

Mayor Lee Jung-hun stated, “We hope that this contest was an opportunity for our district public officials to promise and express integrity. There were many applicants for the Honest Gangdong Catchphrase Contest, and we anticipate that this interest will be positively reflected in the district’s administration in creating an honest and trusted Gangdong.”

Gangdong-gu will take the four new strategies for inspiring integrity, creating an honest culture, operating honest systems, and realizing an honest environment and promote them in the form of 36 projects. Gangdong-gu also showed confidence, achieving 1st place at the 2020 Evaluation of General Integrity at Public Institutions.

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