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Gangdong-gu SingSing-Dream Selected as Excellent Local Food Market$-Selected as an “Excellent Farmers’ Market 2019” by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs-Popular as venue that provides safe food for residents and stable market for eco-friendly farms


The eco-friendly local food market, “SingSing-Dream,” operated by Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) was selected as the “Excellent Farmers’ Market 2019” by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

The “Excellent Farmers’ Market Certification System” was introduced in 2017 to expand direct sales of farm produce. The system evaluates 20 items, including the share of farm produce in direct sales, farmer’s mark on products, safety management of produce, management of farmers, and evaluation of additional facilities. Businesses that acquire certifications are given opportunities for business publicity, training, and overseas studies in addition to a budget for interactive activities with consumers.

“SingSing-Dream” was evaluated highly for all items and selected an Excellent Farmers’ Market.

SingSing-Dream, which first opened in 2013, has accumulated 327,000 visitors as of last year with an accumulated sales of KRW 22 billion. The store continues to gain popularity with its systematic provision of healthy and safe food to consumers in addition to supplying a stable market for eco-friendly farms.

At SingSing-Dream, fresh produce is brought in from farms every morning and are inspected for remaining pesticides, subdivided, and packaged before noon to be displayed and sold thereafter. It takes a maximum of three hours for produce gathered in the morning to make its way to the lunch table. Organic produce is available at lower prices through the elimination of a complicated middle distribution step and the direct partnership between farmers and consumers. All produce is marked with a photo and information about the farmer, boosting credibility of the product. Produce that is not sold until the next morning are sold at a discounted price or donated to the food market to spread neighborly love.

The district has also made an effort to increase product diversity and tighten the urban-rural relations. Farm produce from nearby Yangpyeong-gun and Icheon-si have been brought in along with 30 types of produce and processed foods from Wanju-gun, Jeollabuk-do Province that were added this month.

Automated sales stations have also been installed at the district office and Sangil-dong Community Service Center to offer residents better accessibility to local food. Certified eco-friendly farm produce has been supplied to 200 facilities, including elementary, middle, and high schools within and outside the jurisdiction, childcare centers, and local child centers, as ingredients for meals.

Mayor Lee Jung-hun commented, “We will revitalize the ‘Gangdong-type local foods’ to match our district’s circumstances so that safe, sustainable food can be provided to residents.”

For more information on SingSing-Dream, contact the Gangdong-gu Office Urban Agriculture Division (☎+82-2-3425-6562).

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    Inside SingSing-Dream

    Inside SingSing-Dream