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Gangdong-gu Awarded in Seoul Tax Assessment for Fourth Consecutive Year$-Awarded for the fourth consecutive year in the tax affairs category for city-district cooperative projects-Acquired top score in Seoul for the fourth consecutive year in the area of management performance of local tax refunds-Attained best performance results ever (as an Excellent District) in the area of local tax revenue discovery


 Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) was selected as a winning district for the fourth consecutive year in three areas of tax affairs for city-district cooperative projects in 2019 and secured support funding of KRW 257 million (total KRW 960 million over a four-year period).

The Seoul Metropolitan Government conducts city-district cooperative projects with the twenty-five autonomous districts each year as part of its measures for stable revenue securement and financial operations. The three areas of tax affairs are general collection of municipal taxes, discovery of corporate taxation, and collection of default municipal taxes. The tax revenue conditions for each autonomous district are taken into consideration in the assessment of annual collection and achievement of goals, management of tax refunds, and conference on increased tax revenues.

Gangdong-gu attempted to ▲ construct and reinforce a cooperative system between tax divisions, ▲establish detailed plans for tax items, ▲give details about default payments through text messages, ▲and advertise various report and payment methods. The district collected a total of KRW 490 billion in municipal taxes, 132.9% more than the starting goal of KRW 368.5 billion.

The district was awarded in all three areas with excellent performance and was awarded as an “Excellent District“ with the highest score ever in the history of the award given in the area of corporate local tax revenue discovery. Gangdong-gu attained the highest score for four years in a row in the area of management of local tax refunds and lived up to its name as Happy Gangdong with taxpayers through a positive guide to donating small amounts of tax refunds to the “Warm Winter“ campaign.

Mayor Lee Jung-hun stated, “Our outstanding performance is our response as a taxpayer to the trustworthy tax administration. This year, an uncertain tax revenue is expected due to the COVID-19 situation, but we will all do our best with our given duties.”

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  • Gangdong-gu Office

    Gangdong-gu Office

    Mayor Lee Jung-hun of Gangdong-gu

    Mayor Lee Jung-hun of Gangdong-gu