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What do residents think of Gangdong-gu? A city where 'growth' is 'anticipated'!$-Percentage of positive keywords rise from 38.7% in 2017 to 50% in 2019 according to social data analysis-Positive feedback on main policies like support for free school uniforms and district regulations on fine particulate matter


 Together with Seoul Community Chest of Korea, Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) achieved KRW 1.619 billion for the 2020 Hope Ondol Warm Wintering Project, which was 129.5% more than the collection goal of KRW 1.25 billion.

The three-month 2020 Hope Ondol Warm Wintering Project that began on November 20 was planned to aid vulnerable groups, families in crises, and neighbors in need during the winter season. The goal amount for the collection was set at the same amount as the previous year in consideration of the economic crisis and social atmosphere, but the project achieved the high amount of KRW 1.619 billion thanks to the warm helping hands of local residents.

Despite the low spirits of citizens due to economic stagnation and the COVID-19 infections, over a thousand donators contributed to various contribution events like the One-day Café. Last December, the 'Real-time Contribution Event' co-hosted with Seoul-Gyeonggi Cable TV received positive responses with donations being made continuously.

This year, rice, kimchi, and household goods were donated in addition to masks, hand sanitizers, and other personal hygiene products to groups who lack access to healthcare, which aided in the prevention of the COVID-19 infection to vulnerable groups such as low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled.With the collections came more heartwarming stories about donations. Kim, who makes a living from cleaning buildings, made a donation, asking that the donation be used to help neighbors in need. Ji, who has resided in Gangdong-gu for over thirty years, sent a box of twenty hand sanitizers with a letter explaining that she could not get a hold of masks and asking that the hand sanitizers be used to help prevent COVID-19 infections.

Sympathy for neighbors in need continued after the close of the Warm Wintering Project. Seo donated 200 bags (10kg each) of rice for neighbors afflicted by the economic stagnation and the COVID-19 disease.

The contributions and goods will be delivered with kindness to basic livelihood security recipients, the low-income working class, elderly who live alone, families with the disabled, neighbors in need in the district, and social welfare facilities (institutions).

Mayor Lee Jung-hun stated, "We thank everyone who lent a helping hand in the midst of difficult circumstances," and "We will continue to take the lead in the donation culture and do our best to realize the 'Welfare City Gangdong that Strengthens Life' that shares warmth with alienated neighbors."

If you know someone who needs help from his/her neighbor, contact the Gangdong-gu Office Welfare Policy Division (☎02-3425-5640).

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