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Gangdong-gu Enforces First 'Resident Bicycle Insurance'$-nsurance available to all residents, financial support for bicycle accidents available for all insured individuals starting March-Reinforced safety net with up to KRW 10 million for deaths or aftermaths, injury bonuses, etc.


 Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) will enforce the 'Resident Bicycle Insurance' for the first time starting March to economically recompensate residents upon the occurrence of bicycle accidents. With the continuously rising number of bike riders, this enforcement is expected to act as a stable safety net for residents who have been injured by accidents.

Upon concluding that Gangdong-gu lacked measures in preparation for accidents compared to the rising speed of the bicycling population, the district introduced the 'bicycle insurance' for residents to be able to ride bikes with greater ease.

All residents and foreigners who are registered residents of Gangdong-gu are automatically signed up for the insurance with no separate sign-up process required.

Residents can receive insurance benefits for bike accidents that occur anywhere in the country, accidents that occur while personally riding the bike, and injuries caused by bicycles that occur while walking.

Insured residents can receive up to KRW 10 million for incidents resulting in death, and KRW 200,000-600,000 (4-8 weeks) in injury bonuses will be paid in installments for treatments taking more than four weeks. The insurance will cover fines for bicycle accidents, attorney fees, and traffic accident handling support funds, and duplicate coverage with personal insurance plans are acceptable.

Mayor Lee Jung-hun stated, "Coinciding with the increased use of bicycles is the increase of bike accidents. Through the 'bicycle insurance' system, we will help residents overcome accident injuries and create an environment in which residents can safely ride bikes, which are eco-friendly means of transportation.“

The term of insurance coverage is within three years of the occurrence of an accident (within three years from the date diagnosed with aftereffects), and residents can download the claim form on the district website and fax the form with documents of proof to the Bicycle Insurance Call Center (0505-137-0051) to apply. Inquiries about the coverage can be made to the Bicycle Insurance Call Center (☎1899-7751) or the Gangdong-gu Office Traffic Administration Division (☎02-3425-6262).

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