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Amsa Greenway Project to Be Resumed$-Secured a budget of KRW 3.3 billion with a successful campaign that collected 100,000 signatures-Amsa Greenway to be reborn as a place where history and ecology coexist, connecting the Historic Site in Amsa-dong, Seoul and Hangang River


The Amsa Greenway project is to be resumed in 2020. Gangdong-gu (headed by Lee Jung-hun) has formed a consensus for the reimplementation of the project among Seoul citizens through a campaign that collected 10,0000 signatures and a massive public relations campaign. As a result, the project was included in the 2020 budget of the Seoul Metropolitan Government with the decision to resume the project.

The Amsa Greenway project began in March 2011 by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, but was discontinued due to lack of consensus among citizens. It was therefore decided that the project would be resumed after the designation of the Historic Site in Amsa-dong, Seoul as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and once consensus among the citizens was formed on a need for the project.

Gangdong-gu emphasized that unlike most Neolithic sites found by the sea, the Historic Site in Amsa-dong, Seoul is Korea's first Neolthic site located inland along the Hangang River, thus meaning that its ruins related to prehistoric fishing, hunting, and gathering activities have a greater archaeological and historical significance. Focusing on the site's historical value, Gangdong-gu launched the public relations and signature campaigns to form civic consensus on the restarting of the Amsa Greenway Project. The goal of the Amsa Greenway Project was set to restore the historic nature of the Historic Site in Amsa-dong, Seoul, which was disconnected from the Hangang River by Olympic-daero, and fulfill citizens' hopes for the creation of green areas connected to the Hangang River.

On April 30, Gangdong-gu held an opening ceremony for the campaign to collect 10,0000 signatures, carried out a massive public relations campaign at the Gangdong Greenway, and held a National Song Contest and the Gwangjin Bridge Festival. Thanks to the enthusiastic response from the citizens, the number of signers exceeded 50,000 in July and 80,000 in August, finally reaching 100,000 at the 24th Gangdong Prehistoric Culture Festival in October.

This earned Gangdong-gu the momentum to repromote the Amsa Greenway project to connect the Historic Site in Amsa-dong, Seoul and the Hangang River based on the strong civic consensus.

On October 1, Gangdong-gu officials met with Mayor Park Won-soon of Seoul. On December 3, Gangdong-gu officials shared citizens' hopes for the creation of Amsa Greenway and strongly requested a restart of the project based on the results of the feasibility study at a project review session led by Deputy Mayor of Administration 2.

In response to these efforts, Seoul has allocated a budget of KRW 3.3 billion to the Amsa Greenway project―KRW 300 million for the supplementary design and KRW 3 billion for the construction―with the Hangang Project Headquarters's announcement on the repromotion of the project in 2020.

“I am very happy that the Amsa Greenway project, which has been put off for long enough, can be resumed soon. It is very meaningful that the decision has been made this year, the year that marks the 40th anniversary of the designation of the Historic Site in Amsa-dong, Seoul as a historic site. We will do our best to made Amsa Greenway a place where Gangdong-gu residents and all citizens of Seoul can experience both history and natural ecology,” said Head of Gangdong-gu Lee Jung-hun.

Upon the budget announcement, Gangdong-gu is planning to organize a T/F team to promote land compensation and road construction and maintain a cooperative system with the Hangang River Project Headquarters, focusing on the restoration of local history through Amsa Greenway that will connect the Hangang riverfront space and the Historic Site in Amsa-dong, Seoul.

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    Three-dimensional view of Amsa Greenway