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Gangdong-gu Awarded the 2019 Ministry of the Interior and Safety Minister Award in Animal Welfare Public Sector$-Gangdong-gu selected in assessment for its contribution in improving national animal welfare and animal rights-Awarded the Ministry of the Interior and Safety Minister Award in the first established Animal Welfare category


Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) will be awarded the ‘Ministry of the Interior and Safety Minister Award’ in the category of ‘2019 Animal Welfare’ in the communal and autonomous category.


‘2019 Animal Welfare’ is an award established by the National Assembly’s Forum for Animal Welfare, a research group consisting of members of the National Assembly, to discover individuals and groups that contribute to the harmonious coexistence and improvement of animal welfare in addition to encouraging meritorious deeds and advance animal welfare consciousness and culture. The judging committee was comprised of experts in such fields belonging to academia, citizen groups, legal circle, and journalism.


The award was first established this year, and applications for public participation were received from October 10 to November 8 with an evaluation and judging criteria comprising of sincerity (public period, spontaneity), expertise (planning, level of difficulty), and social value (outcome, contribution, awareness). The contest was aimed at individuals and groups who contributed to the revitalization of animal welfare, and businesses, local autonomous groups, public institutions, the press, publishing companies, and individuals participated.


Gangdong-gu received a high score in its construction of a civil, governmental, and academic system in the communal and autonomous category that developed foundational animal welfare infrastructure as well as periodic educational programs that show respect for life, activities for promoting pet culture, and a creative administration for the coexistence of humans and animals. The district also received praise for spreading these activities into other areas.

Starting with the establishment of an animal welfare ordinance, the district has specially promoted innovative animal welfare policies in the growth of pet culture such as operation of the café-style abandoned animal adoption center ‘Re:Born,’ supply of a soup kitchen for stray cats, training course for pet behavior specialists, visiting animal school, pet socialization education, healing activities for socially neglected classes with animal-assisted therapy, and the Animal Love Walkathon.


Mayor Lee Jung-hun commented, “We will continue to push forward with the animal welfare policy that residents can sympathize with and voluntarily take part in so that a tolerant, life-respecting culture in which humans and animals live in coexistence can take root in our local society.”


The ‘2019 Animal Welfare Award’ ceremony will take place at 10 a.m. on December 10 (Tuesday), the day of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, at the National Assembly Members’ Office Building Meeting Room 2.


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