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Gangdong-gu opens the first district-operated support center for mobile workers$-On the 17th (Tuesday), the district is opening a support center for moving workers who are vulnerable to poor working conditions-The center has spaces designated for mobile workers working in substitute driver service, express delivery service, application-based delivery service, and home-study service industries


 The first district-operated Support Center for Mobile Workers has officially opening in Gildong, Gangdong-gu (Mayor Lee Jung-hun) (at 58, Cheonho-daero 175-gil) on September 17 (Tuesday) at 4.00 p.m.

 Mobile workers refer to those who are working in special forms of working conditions where the Labor Standards Act do not apply under the current law. The mobile workers include those who are working as substitute drivers, package delivery persons, express delivery persons, smartphone application-based delivery service persons, and home-study instructors/teachers. Since the mobile workers usually experience long waiting times and a lot of moving around, and are desperately in need of resting places where they can take a break in between their required services. With a lack of such facilities, they face dire working conditions by having to take breaks in convenient stores, ATM booths, and so on.


 In order to improve the situation, Gangdong-gu has opened a support center for mobile workers in Gildong where a large number of mobile workers operate due to the concentration of adult entertainment venues in the area. The support center is scheduled to open temporarily at the end of August. The total area of the support center will be 246 square meters with common/female-exclusive resting areas, training room, consultation room, delivery storage lockers, warehouse, and office spaces, and so on.


 In particular, the center will be equipped with facilities that can be used by mobile workers including cellphone chargers, massage chairs, foot massagers, sleeping chairs, unmanned delivery storage lockers, coffee machines, and a range of books. A resting place exclusively available to female mobile workers such as home-study teachers and flyer distributors will be also prepared.


 In addition, the support center will be supporting self-help meetings to accelerate the formation of the mobile workers' community beyond the simple function of a resting place. It will be developed into a comprehensive welfare space for mobile workers offering services such as medical and health check services, health, legal and labor-related consultation services, and housing, financial and welfare-related counseling services, and supporting job changes, and so on.


 The support center will be operating during the weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 2 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day. It will be also offering various specialized services such as counseling, information sharing, and training for the promotion of workers' rights in collaboration with the Labor Rights Center that opened in Gangdong-gu last June.

 Lee Jung-hun, the Mayor of Gangdong-gu, stated, "We are going to operate the Support Center for Mobile Workers to our best abilities to assist mobile workers who often face dire working conditions, and to promote the labor rights of the neglected class."


 Meanwhile, Gangdong-gu enacted local ordinance last year to promote and protect labor rights, and opened the first district-operated Labor Rights Center in Seoul. The district is developing the Labor Rights Center as a base for workers in the east district of Seoul by offering one-stop labor welfare services integrating job and labor services, welfare services, support programs for small business owners, care programs for service workers who are vulnerable to emotional abuse, and counseling for personal difficulties.

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